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Kvanto Announces NEW Edge Partnership World Wide EU

For Pure Health inc. (FPH) has signed a partnership agreement with Kvanto Payment Services A/S (hereafter Kvanto). FPH provides sales all over the globe. All numbers and assumptions are based on previous first-hand experience with similar setups and products. And has made it before and they have entered with Kvanto and using the Payment Gateway, this has a large opportunity.

“FPH was looking for a partner to handle payments solution. One of the most important things for FPH is that customers experience has a smooth and secure checkout when buying our products from our website.

Kvanto Payment services not only provided us with this solution but also helped us set up the system, quickly and seamlessly. Furthermore, FPH has trusted Kvanto Payment Services with helping FPH with administration, technical, and development.

This special cooperation we have not been able to find elsewhere. From the start of this cooperation, we have made this as a focus development case, and we are now moving it to a slot of large opportunities of 250M € turnover a year and our aim is larger, and Kvanto stands the challenge and we have been satisfying so fare.

Allan Djurhuus

Benefits compared to other solution partners

Kvanto has an MPI security Solution, it works outside Europe, and that’s where we have most of the clients in FPH. Kvanto makes sure the merchant’s customer and the cardholder are the same person by sending a code to the customer's cell phone, which the customer must fill into the payment window before the payment is approved.

FPH has made this happen, through our marketing corporation with Konnektive CRM in US/PR and we have worked with Konnektive CRM for years now, and it has been a huge success, and we are so delighted to manage to get both Kvanto and Konnektive CRM together, and we have now one solution, and that saves us a large amount of time and money, we can´s understand why people not are managing this as it has to be, and as Konnektive is saying.

“Time is money.
With hundreds of integrations through Konnektive, you’ll never be scrambling to find your data by going to multiple systems. We put everything you need at your fingertips; all in one place!

Konnektive CRM was designed to Automate and Synchronize Your Entire Business with the easiest, most intuitive user interface.
Brian Bolerjack,
Konnektive CRM”

Kvanto cooperation with both the system provider and customer

Kvanto has made an option and an opportunity by creating this cooperation, to manage a whole platform, by offering the Kvanto ESB Payment Gateway, and support the individual customer and the whole group of Konnektive CRM platform solution, as a trusted partner. Kvanto has proved to be highlighted as a service provider that can handle payment transactions across the payment ECO-system, and even if you are making the payment happen in Europe or elsewhere, we can carry the solution to a new level of security by Kvanto MPI solution.

Value proposition

By managing this, and through the Kvanto Gateway Solution, it will be possible to draw more potential clients into our merchants, and our expectation of this cooperation is more than 12 Mill $ in turnover a year, on this case alone.

And the options for new clients is much higher, and we can multiply this 3-4 times.

This is an optimizing way of creating new clients, and we have today two new clients, that bring more merchants in through this cooperation, and we expect to reach some 15-22 clients with the support we have from Konnektive CRM staff and PR from FPH.

About Kvanto Payment Solutions

Kvanto is a Payment Solution Provider company that provides simple, flexible, and cost-efficient payment solutions on the global market. Through experience and knowledge does Kvanto challenge current structures and procedures in the established market.

Kvanto strives to be a one-stop-shop for payments with cross border solutions for merchants and the leading EMEA/APAC multi-connectivity payment solutions provider measured in processing volume while being profitable.

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