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Kumulus Vape Launches on the Stock Exchange Tomorrow

At 11.30 am this Tuesday, May 28 2019, shares in Kumulus Vape (ISIN: FR0013419876 - symbol: MLVAP) will be listed for the first time on the Euronext Access™ market in Paris (by technical admission). Kumulus Vape is an e-merchant specializing in the sale of electronic cigarettes and related 'vaping' products (equipment, e-liquids and accessories).

The listing on the Paris stock exchange is a first for European vape companies, marking a new milestone in the performance trajectory of the company from Lyon, a pioneer in its market in an active phase of development. The aim of this move is to enable Kumulus Vape to raise brand awareness and strengthen its presence on the domestic market.

55,000 shares will be offered for sale on the first day of market trading. This admission to the Euronext Access™ market constitutes a first step, prior to a possible transfer of Kumulus Vape shares to the Euronext Growth® market. The company seeks to introduce a dynamic of shares changing hands that could account for between 5 and 10% of the capital.

Established in 2012, Kumulus Vape is one of the main French online sites for the sale of vaping products (equipment, e-liquid, DIY1 ). With its broad range, comprising over 6,000 items, it offers products for both 'beginners' and vaping experts. As a committed player in combating tobacco and an advocate for the vaping sector, Kumulus Vape offers an unequalled choice of high-performing vaping products at low prices.

In 2018, Kumulus Vape's turnover was €6.5 million, up 116% on 2017. The EBITDA exceeded the €400,000 mark (+128% on 2017), with a net income of nearly €300,000 (+106%). In the first quarter of 2019, turnover rose by 96% to €2.3 million.

Kumulus Vape has a clear aim: to become one of the French leaders in 100% e-commerce vaping in the next three years.

Operating procedures
Listing market: Euronext Access™
ISIN : FR0013419876
Symbol : MLVAP
Registration procedure : technical admission
Number of shares in company capital : 1,988,000
Number of shares sold on the day of listing : 55,000
Sale price per share : €2.12
Valuation at time of listing : €4,214,560
Start of trading : May 28, 2019
Eligible for PEA (equity savings plan) and SME PEA : yes

The operation does not require authorization from the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF). The information document has therefore not been approved by the AMF. The information document is available free of charge from the head office of Kumulus Vape. It may be downloaded from . Please note that companies admitted to Euronext Access are not subject to the same rules as companies on the regulated market. Instead, they are subject to a smaller set of rules that is suitable for small businesses experiencing growth. The risk associated with an investment on Euronext Access may therefore be greater than investing in a company on the regulated market.

Partners in the operation


Atout Capital

Consultant and listing sponsor


Lamy Lexel

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About Kumulus Vape

Established in 2012, Kumulus Vape is one of the leading French distributors of e-cigarettes and e-liquids . With , its website for individuals, and its wholesale business for specialist boutiques, the Company is positioned on both the B2C and B2B markets. Kumulus Vape's turnover rose to €6.5 million in 2018, representing a growth of 116% on 2017. Kumulus Vape is based in Corbas, just a few minutes from the south of Lyon, and currently has about 25 employees.

1 Do It Yourself: e-liquid base that people can use to create their own blends

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