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Keio Plaza Hotel Hosts Girls' Doll Festival Exhibition

Keio Plaza Hotel (KPH) , one of Japan’s most prestigious international hotels located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, will host a special exhibition of Japanese arts entitled “Enjoying Japan’s Traditional Girls’ Doll Festival (Hinamatsuri ) ” displaying various traditional artworks in February and March, 2016. “Hinamatsuri” is a traditional event held annually in Japan at which families pray for the health and happiness of their female children. This festival is known for its colorful dolls and ornaments that embody the atmosphere of spring when it is held. Our exhibition this year features over 6,000 finely hand woven silk cloth art items to give visitors a taste of Japan’s traditional arts representative of the doll festival. In addition, the artworks of “origata” gift wrapping and “musubi” knot tying, whose methods are also used in “hinamatsuri” doll ornaments, will be exhibited to show how they have played a key role in Japanese culture.

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“Origata,” or artistic gift-wrapping, is 600 years old and originated as part of the upper-class “samurai” warrior culture. It also represents the roots of the Japanese gift wrapping culture, and is designed to enfold not only the physical aspects of gifts, but also to express gratitude towards the recipient. About 30 different examples of various gift wrapping styles of the Yamane Origata School will be on display.

Artwork of “musubi” knot tying artist Toshiko Tanaka will also be displayed. This tradition of knot tying combines aspects of both practicality and beauty and was used for not only aesthetic purposes but also to protect the warriors by preventing the wrapped gifts from begin opened.

As part of the exhibition activities, nine restaurants within the hotel will prepare special menu items to commemorate the Doll Festival season.

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Keio Plaza Hotel (KPH) , located in Shinjuku at the very heart of the nation’s capital Tokyo, is one of Japan’s leading international hotels. Our hotel boasts of over 20 restaurants and bars, and we host a wide range of local and international guests who visit us for our open and welcoming facilities, top notched services, and warm hospitality. For more information about our facilities and services, please visit our website at , Facebook , or Instagram .


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