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Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Hosts the Exhibition of Japanese and European Fans

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo , one of Japan’s most prestigious international hotels, located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, hosts an special exhibition entitled Ogi Mystique -Exhibition of Japanese & European Fans-” highlighting the beauty of Japanese decorative fans, which found their way to Europe and became the inspiration for fans used by aristocratic ladies in Europe. This exhibition is complimentary and is held in May, 2017. A wide variety of about 50 fans are displayed to show their beautiful allure and how they came to be highly popular fashion items amongst aristocratic women of the Rococo Era of the 18th century.

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The Japanese ogi fans to be put on display are loaned from the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts , Kyoto Folding Fans and Round Fans Commercial Cooperative Association and the Organization of Cultural Inheritance, and illustrate the history of traditional Japanese Imperial Court “Hi-ogi ” fans. There will be explanations of the various uses of these ornate fans in Japanese traditional dance and monologue rakugo storytelling. Thirty different fans will be displayed to illustrate the aesthetic beauty of this Japanese cultural art form.

The POLA Research Institute of Beauty and Culture will loan about 20 Western fans to this exhibition to demonstrate the beauty and cultural value of fans used by aristocratic women during the 18th to 20th century in Europe, which have been inspired by Japanese “Ogi ” fans. Fans of various designs and materials including those made from delicate and transparent lace used in weddings, gothic style pinnacle framed gold leaf embroidered fans, exotic fans made in China, and art nouveau styled fans created for aristocratic households will also be on display along with descriptions of their history and how the art form evolved over time. The fans displayed in the exhibition will also provide attendants a sense of their role in history and how they were used for their aesthetic beauty.

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Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo , located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is one of Japan’s leading international hotels. Our hotel offers unique services that allow them to experience Japanese culture, including our Hello Kitty themed rooms , wedding kimono fitting experience , tea ceremony , ikebana experience and many others .


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