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Copenhagen, 25 February 2021
No. 03/2021

ISS A/S (ISS.CO, ISS DC, ISSDY), a leading workplace experience and facility management company, has today implemented a new long-term share-based incentive programme (the "LTIP") which replaces the current long-term share-based incentive programme.

The LTIP is a revolving programme which serves the purposes of creating a strong link between remuneration and the strategic and financial performance of ISS while retaining key employees. The LTIP comprises members of the Executive Group Management Board and certain key employees.

Participants under the LTIP will be granted a number of performance share units ("PSUs") which entitle the participant, subject to vesting occurring, to receive a number of existing shares in the Company corresponding to the number of vested PSUs without payment of any consideration.

The PSUs will be subject to a vesting period of at least three years as determined by the Board of Directors at grant. The vesting period for the initial grants under the LTIP will cover the period from the relevant date of grant until 1 March 2024.

Vesting is conditional upon the participant (i) remaining employed with the Company or a Group Company and (ii) having complied in all respects with the general terms and conditions as determined by the Board of Directors. The number of vested PSUs will be determined based on the level of achievement of certain pre-defined performance criteria related to KPIs as further described in the grant letter/general terms and conditions. The number of PSUs vesting will be in the range of 20% to 100% of the initial grant depending on the level of achievement of the performance criteria.

Based on the number of participants in the LTIP, the initial grants to be made in connection with the implementation of the LTIP will comprise up to 1,500,000 shares in total. The theoretical fair value has been estimated to DKK 65 million calculated on the basis of a Black-Scholes model.

Future PSU grants under the LTIP following 2021 shall be made at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors and the fair value is not expected to exceed DKK 70 million on an annual basis.

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