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ID Finance: The Volume of Global Investments in FinTech in 2016 Will Exceed $30 Billion

ID Finance, an international financial innovations holding, has held a meeting with investors.

Representatives of the Emery Capital venture fund, banks, payment systems, credit bureaus, other partner companies, and 100+ private investors attended the event.

One of the speakers at the Conference was Ivan Savelyev, Managing Partner of the Emery Capital Fund. He talked about the development of the global financial technologies market. According to the estimates of Emery Capital experts, the core activities in the FinTech industry today are loans, payments, investments, and asset management, as well as consulting based on Big Data techniques. Other promising activities are include projects that use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in the financial sector.

According to Emery Capital data, the global volume of investments in FinTech companies in 2015 was about $20 billion, with roughly $13 billion having been invested in these companies in the first half of 2016. Emery Capital expects that the year 2016 will show a total volume of investments exceeding $30 billion.

Next, Boris Batin, CEO of the International FinTech Holding ID Finance , spoke about the development of the online loans market: “Today the projects of the ID Finance, the companies MoneyMan and AmmoPay , are operating in Russia, Spain, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Poland. For four years, the Group has financed over 650 thousand loans totaling over $130 million. In 2016, ID Finance’s revenue will be no less than $71.5 million. According to our forecasts, the next two years will show more than a two-fold increase of revenues annually.”

In 2017-2018, ID Finance is planning to ramp up its technological advantage, introduce innovation solutions, develop their product line to align closer with bank loans products, extend loan terms and increase their amount, extend the geographic footprint, and develop new product brands, including those for SME.

About ID Finance
ID Finance is a fast-growing FinTech company specializing in data science, credit non-fico scoring and online lending in emerging and well-developed markets. The company concentrates its R&D efforts on developing innovative risk assessment models stepped up with proprietary high-tech instruments of predictive analytics and developing secure applications for both web and mobile platforms. It brings innovations into emerging markets and provides financial inclusion as a social mission. More info at , official facebook and twitter pages.


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