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First-Ever Published Study Proves House Wellness Foods’ Feed LP20® Increases Immunity, Productivity of Whiteleg shrimp [L. vannamei]

A study from Japan has shown for the first time that heat-treated lactobacillus, as found in House Wellness Foods Feed LP20®, is effective in supporting the immune system of the Whiteleg shrimp, reversing disease trends and increasing reproduction. The study, published in the International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications , Volume 6, Issue 3, March 2016, is welcome news for the East Asian fishing industry, which has been plagued by vibriosis, linked to the presence of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and other bacteria found in salt water. Feed LP20® is proven safe, and represents groundbreaking evidence of the effectiveness of heat-treated lactobacillus, as measured in conjunction with this crucial species.

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Feed LP20® was developed for livestock and fisheries as an alternative to antibiotic regimens, and as a functional product for improving immune function and productivity. It contains 20% heat-killed Lactobacillus plantarum L-137 (HK L-137) . Heat treatment of HK L-137, the central ingredient of House Wellness Foods’ Feed LP20® and Immuno-LP20® , is key to those products’ effectiveness, making them stable long-term at varying temperatures, easily handled, even under pressure, and maintaining immunostimulant properties while resisting degradation by water and gastric acids.

HWF is regarded as a pioneer in the continuous study of HK L-137, and Immuno-LP20 has been hugely successful as an immunobiotic, enjoying prominence among health-conscious consumers in the U.S. and worldwide as a natural aid to the body’s innate ability to defend itself against seasonal illness and allergy.

A joint study conducted in cooperation with Vietnam’s Can Tho University proved conclusively that the addition of as little as 100 ppm of Feed LP20 boosts immune function in the shrimp population and improves survival and growth rates, which were significantly (P<0.05) higher compared to other feeds. immune parameters consisted of total haemocyte count, differential phenoloxidase activity, phagocytic activity and clearance efficiency. the study also showed a critical synergistic effect in conjunction with b-glucan, an activator system functions aquaculture. p>

House Wellness Foods is pursuing sales and promotion of Feed LP20 for livestock and aquaculture in support of these industries and in the hope of ameliorating the blight of worldwide hunger.


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