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Interior design, the building and surrounding nature merge in the new Honka Lux collection – Honkarakenne’s holistic approach for builders of holiday homes

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Honkarakenne Ltd, 28 January 2021                                                  

Interior design, the building and surrounding nature merge in the new Honka Lux collection – Honkarakenne’s holistic approach for builders of holiday homes

The new Honka Lux log villas derive their name from light. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in daylight from dawn to dusk, and modern Scandinavian architecture merges with the surrounding landscape. Unlike house design in general, the Honka Lux collection has been created holistically, from the inside out: the starting point is three advanced interior-design styles. You can select a pre-designed interior design or be inspired to pick and choose the materials and furniture you prefer.

"Honkarakenne represents a new way of thinking," says designer Timo Äkräs. He has designed the Honka villa collection, which includes interior design. "Architects normally draw the exterior without considering the interior, which is handled by an interior designer later. I took the reverse approach." Down to the last detail, the interior design choices stem from a close connection to nature.

Three excellent interior design schemes

"The collection’s underlying concept is based on sourcing colours and materials found in nature. White gypsum board doesn’t really come into that equation," he says. With the clear Modern Wood interior design concept, solid wood and dark oak tones merge the outside with the interior. The light Boho style is based on natural materials and plays with bohemian details. Atmosphere can be built on the timeless and modifiable foundation with, say, special lighting and relaxed rattan furniture. In the Industrial interior design collection, naturally toned log walls are paired with effects such as a slightly shimmering concrete floor. Äkräs chose warm and natural surfaces, such as worn leather, for the interior design.

Carefully chosen interior design styles help home-builders to select tones, materials and furniture. "Lux" also refers to quality: Äkräs considers it important that only quality products are included. The Honka Lux interior design partners include Laatupaneeli, Pukkila, Puustelli, SBL and Timberwise, among others.

The holistic concept of the Honka Lux collection is ideal for home-builders who value a specific visual look and a style that runs through the building," says Anne Mäkinen, Head Architect at Honkarakenne. "The requirements for holiday home construction have clearly become more demanding. Holiday homes are more often also second homes, where people want to put effort into interior design and the wellbeing it brings. In addition, many people work remotely from their holiday homes. The three Honka Lux interior design options clearly show the effect that different styles have in the same space," she says.

Vitality from natural light

One facade of each of the three villas is made of glass only. Natural light, and the daily and seasonal cycles are part of the living experience. Honka Lux is available in an I, L or U-shape, whichever fits best with the surroundings. The collection also includes a sauna. You can choose between a hip or bonnet roof.

The designer’s own Honka Lux is being built in Western Finland. "I couldn’t find a floor plan to my liking by any of the log house manufacturers, so I contacted Honka and designed it myself. We are now building an I-shaped villa on our seaside plot," says Timo Äkräs.

Äkräs, who has had a long career as a restaurant-owner, has designed many restaurant buildings and interiors, living out his early dreams of being an architect alongside his main profession. His handiwork emphasises light and modern architecture with carefully selected floor plans. The log house he built for the Laukaa Housing Fair in 2003 won the Best House vote, and his modern log cabin, which was acclaimed for its brightness, won the Best Holiday Home award at the Hartola holiday home fair in 2004.

Demand for holiday homes is growing — new models during the winter

The Covid pandemic has changed our daily lives and increased demand for holiday homes. Honka’s wide range of collections includes luxurious log villas, as well as modern holiday houses, classic log cabins and cost-effective hideaways. All models feature Finnish logs and a structural core connecting the residents with nature. The holiday home collection will be further expanded this winter.

Honkarakenne Ltd

Honkarakenne Ltd supplies high-quality, healthy and ecological log homes, holiday homes and public buildings. Its buildings are made from Finnish solid wood under the Honka® brand. The company has delivered over 85,000 buildings to more than 50 countries. We manufacture our home packages in Finland, at our own factory located in Karstula. In 2019, Honkarakenne Group’s consolidated net sales totalled EUR 47.5 million, of which exports accounted for 34%.

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