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HISTALIM is The First European Laboratory to Adopt the Vectra® Polaris™ Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System Developed by PerkinElmer, Inc. Which Enables Scientists to Analyze up to 7 Markers on 1 Single Slide

In 2016 HISTALIM observed an increasing demand from its customers and partners for multiplex imagery. The company leads several development programs and is involved in numerous clinical trials in the field of cancer immuno therapies. In this particular area HISTALIM performs studies which aim at characterizing the tumor microenvironment and its interaction with immune cells.

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The extraction of quantitative data on a high number of markers despite the limited availability of biological material represents a major stake in this kind of study. Another challenge deals with the analysis of the interaction between several markers involved in immune mechanisms on one single slide.

Histalim chose to bring enhanced precision and efficacy in biopsies and tissue samples by utilizing the Vectra Polaris technology. The Vectra Polaris system is the first slide scanner which enables multiplex analysis on histopathological markers.

Dr. Laurent LAGUERRE (HISTALIM), who led the discussions with PerkinElmer, said: “We have been impressed by this technology combining multiplex imagery with slide scanning. This is the most advanced research solution for digital pathology on IHC multiplex labelling.

With slides containing up to 7 colors, the histopathologists collaborating with Histalim will then be able to bring all their expertise, whether they are located in house or at the client’s site.

Mr. Terry Lo, General Manager, Quantitative Pathology, PerkinElmer, declared: “We are very proud of this agreement which makes HISTALIM our first European customer. This relationship represents a huge accelerator for the development of Vectra Polaris technology in Europe since HISTALIM is engaged in many clinical trials in immuno-oncology.

The Vectra Polaris system was officially launched internationally on 26th of January 2017.

About HISTALIM : HISTALIM is a European leading company in the field of histopathology services, and tissue based assays. Ranging from neurosciences to toxicity assessment, from the characterization of therapeutic antibodies to the evaluation of implantable medical devices..., the company focus on accompanying each client to provide each of them with a perfectly controlled service.
The company knows an important growth due to its strategic position in the development of immuno-oncology and biotherapies as a service provider.


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