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Ingenious Minds Behind ArtBrew Home Brewery System Raise Over $340,000 via Kickstarter Campaign

What's Being Called "The Smartest Automated Brewing System" Creates High Quality Craft Beer -- Right From Home

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - April 13, 2016) - Designed, developed, marketed and finally introduced to the world via a blistering Kickstarter campaign  by a team comprised of top engineers and brewers, the ArtBrew machine  is being called "the smartest automated brewing system" capable of creating quality craft beer in as little as one week -- right from home. In a recent announcement, the ingenious creative minds behind ArtBrew  were proud to state that they had raised over $340,000 through their Kickstarter campaign , with 20 days remaining to the project.

"We created  ArtBrew for those who love craft beer and have the imagination for innovation by creating their own recipes,"  says Shu Zhang, CEO and founder of ArtBrew , who previously worked within the Business Unit of CISCO  and was Technical Leader of Motorola 's Software Group . "In continuing our  Kickstarter efforts to push beyond the incredible $340,000 we have raised already, our team is dedicated to bringing an evolution in beer brewing -- to simplify the sometimes complicated beer brewing process and render everything automatic for the user. With  ArtBrew, everyone from novices to experts can brew their very own premium-quality beer at an incredibly low cost."

As an automated, technologically-advanced beer brewing machine, ArtBrew  utilizes onboard control systems and sensors that couple with an ingenious app which allows for easy programming, monitoring and creation of a "brick-and-mortar" brewing experience at home. Adds Zhang about this brewing experience, "Our goal with  ArtBrew has always been to create an encounter wherein craft beer enthusiasts can simply and effortlessly brew incredibly tasty beers. While other machines have their body, kegs and some variable components that require a steep learning curve , ArtBrew combines both the brewing tank and fermentation tank into one unique, structurally-advanced body."

By way of the ArtBrew  library of built-in recipes at their fingertips, users can create Pilsners, IPAs, Porters, Weizens, Lagers, Stouts and more, while also gaining access to a variety of customizable combinations curated by ArtBrew  Master Brewer Aobo Sun, certified sommelier from Doemens College of Beer  in Germany, in addition to user-submitted and ArtBrew -approved recipes. ArtBrew  will continue to add new recipes via user submissions to its library, which will be automatically updated through ArtBrew 's Wi-Fi  connections.

ArtBrew 's app allows for maximum control and feedback with minimal brewing experience and attention required from the user, allowing enthusiasts to monitor brew time, phase and temperature, and -- for advanced users -- modify temperature and time between brewing. Further, the user interface is intuitive and simple to use with sliding scales for variables such as alcohol content, bitterness, flavor profile and more.

"ArtBrew is a great choice for those looking to invest in a versatile, extraordinary and easy-to-use beer brewing system,"  concludes Zhang. "This product has been innovatively designed to simplify the entire beer-making process, leaving the end user with the simple task of supplying the ingredients, such as yeast, as well as materials including the  ArtBrew MiniKeg. Because of this, utilizing the  ArtBrew system is a lot more cost-effective than purchasing commercially-available beers."

For ArtBrew  pre-ordering information visit . For more information regarding the ArtBrew  system and its Kickstarter  campaign visit .

Twitter: @ArtBrewGlobal

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