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Group IMD Calls on Advertisers to Support the Hearing-Impaired

Group IMD, the global ad delivery company, is supporting an evening of subtitled adverts across the 6 major broadcasters in France. The campaign seeks to drive change within the advertising industry by engaging nearly six million hearing-impaired individuals.

Only 4% of French advertisements are subtitled, despite subtitling services launching in 2012. According to the Hearing Impaired Association: “A large community has been left isolated, pushed apart and ignored.”

The campaign will encourage broadcasters across Europe to incorporate subtitles in their advertisements and raise awareness of hearing-impaired individuals. The UK is currently leading the way with 15% of all its adverts subtitled. In contrast, there is almost no subtitling in the rest of Europe.

Simon Cox, Chief Executive Officer of Group IMD, said: This is a landmark campaign in the hearing-impaired community, demonstrating how much more needs to be done in Europe. We hope that this campaign will encourage more broadcasters and advertisers to air subtitled advertisements. It doesn’t make marketing sense to ignore such a large audience.”

The project will see the global technology group join together with a number of partners including AACC (Association of Agencies for Advise and Communication), UDA (the French Advertisers Association), SNPTV (the Association of Major Broadcasters) and ARPP (French Clearance Company) to transform the viewing experience of nearly six million hearing-impaired individuals across the country.

The campaign will run from 7:30pm until 11pm on the 4th February and Group IMD will use its subtitling service to help ensure that advertisements are accessible to all viewers.


About Group IMD:

Group IMD is a global technology business automating the workflow and delivery of advertisements from ad agencies & production companies to broadcasters and the online video industry. Working in more than 100 markets with over 35 local offices, Group IMD’s worldwide presence across Europe, Asia Pacific, Australasia, the Middle East and Latin America is changing the way advertising works. Founded in 1996, Group IMD has grown continuously to provide the world’s most extensive, fully automated, cloud native, broadcast grade, video advertising platform: IMD Cloud .


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