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GGB Bearing Technology Launches GGB-SHB Case Hardened Steel Bearings

THOROFARE, NJ--(Marketwired - April 26, 2016) -


  • Case hardened steel bearings deliver greater wear resistance while the interior remains ductile and resistant to cracking
  • Appropriate for heavy equipment, hydraulic cushioning and rotational applications
  • Special alloy contains manganese and vanadium for improved strength and toughness, increased hardening rate and higher wear resistance

GGB Bearing Technology , a global leader in high performance bearing solutions, announces the introduction of its new GGB-SHB ™ case hardened bearings for applications that demand high wear resistance without cracking under load.

The new GGB-SHB™ case hardened steel bearings feature 0.8 - 1.0 mm hardened exterior surface (58-62 HRC rating) over a comparatively ductile 20MnV6 steel core. Because the surface of the bearing is hardened and tempered through a multi-step heat treating process, it exhibits hardness greater than that of the core portion for reliable performance under load or after receiving a heavy shock.

These performance characteristics are assured from one bearing to the next by testing the chemical composition of each lot of steel, and these lot numbers are imprinted on each bearing. This helps ensure a more precise carburizing depth than would be the case with bearings made of most commercial steel.

GGB-SHB™ plain bearings are available in cylindrical, flanged and special configurations designed for a wide range of applications, including earth moving equipment such as excavators and loaders; drilling equipment; farm machinery including power harrows, plows and rear excavators; construction equipment including grabs, buckets and grippers; and hydraulic cylinders where they protect against wear of bottoms and eyelets. Other applications include industrial washing machines, sliding guides for industrial presses and components for suction pumps, machine tools and automatic machines.

"We developed the GGB-SHB™ bearings for some of the most demanding applications our customers encounter ," said Ümüt Elitok, Product Manager. "Case hardening will give our customers greater fracture toughness than a bearing that was hardened throughout. And these bearings are available from the same team of experts the market already trusts to provide innovative, cost-effective bearing materials and solutions with local technical support. "

­Learn more about the new GGB-SHB ™ case hardened steel bearings.

GGB is the world's leading manufacturer of high performance, self-lubricating and prelubricated bearings with production facilities in the U.S., Germany, France, Brazil, Slovakia and China. The company serves more than 30,000 customers worldwide in a broad spectrum of applications and industries including automotive, fluid power, agricultural and construction equipment, sports and recreation equipment, renewable energy, primary metals and general industrial. Its product offerings include metal-polymer, engineered plastics, fiber reinforced composite, metal bearings and bushing blocks. Also provided are industry-leading R&D and testing capabilities, flexible manufacturing, technical support and a global network of distributors.

GGB is an EnPro Industries company .

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