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Finvasia Group Appoints Tajinder Virk as Interim CEO of ZuluTrade

Finvasia today announced that it has appointed Tajinder Virk as the interim Chief Executive Officer for ZuluTrade. He will replace the previous CEO from the company, effective immediately.

"Tajinder has been instrumental in building upon Finvaisa’s success and has an impressive track record in delivering growth for our group companies," said Sarvjeet Singh Virk, CMD & Co-founder Finvasia. "We have seen Tajinder (A.K.A. Natty) in action first hand and have the utmost confidence that his deep financial experience and leadership skills will drive results and accelerate ZuluTrade’s business in this interim role."

Tajinder Virk is the CEO of Finvasia Group of companies and is an exceptional leader with deep familiarity with all aspects of the business that allows him to develop and lead the execution of the group’s strategic vision, assess risks and guide the group’s growth. He has worked with some of the largest investment banks and hedge funds on Wall Street and has managed multibillion-dollar funds for major US banks, before co-founding Finvasia. At ZuluTrade, Tajinder will work closely with the team to deliver on the business expansion plan.

Commenting on the appointment, Tajinder said, “Finvasia is known for its innovative business approach and for its ability to create value for its clients. We see ZuluTrade as the largest Social Wealth Management platform that will bring more asset classes and industry participants together under a single platform.

“ZuluTrade is among the largest and the original social trading platforms that revolutionised copy trading in 2008. ZuluTrade 2.0 will maintain its legacy of being broker neutral, so it has no conflict of interest with its investors. We will be offering a variety of asset classes, encouraging more investors, leaders and brokers to join the platform whilst creating a conducive environment for them to grow their wealth,” he continued.

Finvasia’s board has simultaneously commenced a formal search for a permanent CEO for ZuluTrade who can deliver on the Group’s expectations for future ready products while maintaining its core values and cultures.


ZuluTrade is the original social trading platform that revolutionised copy trading in 2008. It offers a massive database of Algo signals and strategies currently available across the market, catering to both advanced and novice investors alike.

It's a broker neutral platform that has catered to over 2.5 million clients in over 100 countries and supports over twenty-six languages.

About FINVASIA ( )

Finvasia is a multi-disciplinary, multinational organisation that owns and operates over a dozen brands across financial services, technology, real estate and healthcare verticals.

Finvasia Group has managed funds for some of the notable hedge funds of Wall street, launched the first and only commission free ecosystem for financial products in India and is now aggressively expanding its presence in the European market. The Group has provided technology to some of the notable listed and unlisted financial services entities across the globe.

Furthermore, its healthcare division recently launched a medically proven diabetes reversal program in India and has engaged scientists from various specialised fields in an effort to build nano and micro medical devices that will cater to the future of medical engineering.

In the last 13 years, Finvasia has catered to a few million clients in over 180 countries directly or via its subsidiaries.



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