Fastbase Becomes #1 Business Analytics Software, Analyzing an Incredible 6 Billion Website Visitors Monthly


Fastbase, the prominent web analytics leader, has surpassed Hubspot and Clearbit in the number of website visitors being analyzed. In just two years, Fastbase has achieved massive success with almost one million top brands using its software to identify important website visitor data.

Fastbase's success has been propelled by its popular add-on to Google Analytics that can identify website visitors in real-time providing businesses with powerful insights into their website users' behavior. The Fastbase Webleads software combines a website's analytics data with real-time visitor information, allowing businesses to eliminate the guesswork around who is visiting their website. This software empowers organizations with insights to improve marketing campaigns and understand website visitor behaviors.

"We are experiencing very strong growth with new companies signing up daily to use our Webleads software. Because of this continued growth, we expect to analyze more than 2 billion website visitors weekly by the end of 2018," says Rasmus Refer, CEO Fastbase.

During the month of December Fastbase will launch a new lead generation tool built upon the billions of searches on Google. The tool will help businesses identify highly relevant leads, based on search phrase or keyword used, which can be further segmented by location. Fastbase is also expecting to launch a "mini" CRM tool, which will give users access to the largest company database in the world comprised of more than 500 million business contacts. Users will have access to business email-addresses and contact information, which can again be segmented according to industry, location.

Companies currently using Google Analytics can easily access a detailed list of their website visitors for the past 12 month by signing in with Google Analytics. The basic version of Fastbase's WebLeads is free with the premium version priced at $45USD per month on a subscription basis. The premium version unlocks access to much more detailed information, smart features, and unlimited web-traffic. l

Google Partners can sign up to be a Reseller using Google Analytics account or by writing to

About Fastbase, Inc.
Fastbase is a U.S.-based company founded in 2015. As one of the fastest-growing software
companies in the world within Big Data, Fastbase now analyzes over 6 billion website visitors from over 900,000 companies and top brands from around the world.



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