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Eurofins Genomics Will Be Conducting Genotyping for up to 5 Million Participants of Our Future Health, UK’s Largest Ever Health Research Programme

Eurofins (Paris:ERF):

Eurofins Genomics is proud to announce its support for Our Future Health, the UK’s largest ever health research programme. Eurofins Genomics will be genotyping five million consenting participants within Our Future Health. This will provide important data that, when combined with other questionnaire and health information, will generate a comprehensive picture of population health in the UK, insights from which will be used to transform the prevention, detection and treatment of diseases.

Our Future Health is the UK’s largest health research programme ever conducted, bringing together the public, charity and private sectors to research disease at an unprecedented scale in the UK.

As one of Europe’s leading providers of genomics services, Eurofins Genomics will conduct the genotyping for the Our Future Health programme. To deliver this service, Eurofins Genomics will establish a dedicated laboratory in the UK, where it will carry out genotyping to identify genetic variations and combinations. Genetic variations such as changes of single building blocks of the DNA are associated with many known diseases. Eurofins Genomics will utilise specifically designed microarray technology with high accuracy and reproducibility to identify hundreds of thousands of genetic variations at a time. The resulting data will then be used to determine disease risks and discover biomarkers for diseases diagnosis and therapeutics.

The goal of the Our Future Health programme is to facilitate the discovery and development of new methods of prevention, early detection and treatment of a wide range of diseases.

Today, 59% of UK citizens aged 65 years or older have two or more serious health conditions, and this statistic has been projected to reach 70% by 2035. With the recruitment of five million adult volunteers, this research programme has the potential to improve the long-term health of millions of people in the UK and globally. The insights gained into links between DNA and diseases through this programme will accelerate the development of innovative solutions to help people to live healthier lives for longer.

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