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EURid Celebrates More Than Five Years of Environmental Management

With their latest edition of of the .eu Illustrated , EURid celebrates more than five successful years of environmental management. While EURid operates in a very technical space, it has also been a proud and active member of the European Union Eco-Management and Audit Scheme ( EMAS ), where solid environmental management and transparent reporting structures meet. Over the past 5 years, EURid has achieved more than ten environmental objectives, forty actions, and six environmental core indicators that EMAS has defined, all of which can be found in our 2015 – 2017 environmental statement .

“We do believe that even companies that are working in cyberspace can contribute to the preservation and protection of the environment,” commented Giovanni Seppia, EURid’s External Relations Manager explained. “Our objective as an organisation is to incorporate sustainability into as many business decisions and activities as possible to do our part to better the planet.”

Over the years, EURid teamed up with several companies to support various environmental projects, including a cooperation with BORSEGGI , an Italian tailoring company based in the Milan-Opera prison, to recycle unused materials from fairs and events. With this partnership, EURid wishes inspire the world to see waste in a different way and demonstrate what the circular economy is really about, from production to consumption, to waste management and the market for secondary raw materials.

In 2016, EURid began collaborating on a continual project in the Osogovo Mountains in Bulgaria in conjunction with Naturefund and EuroNatur. The goal is to conserve the outstanding biological diversity in the Osogovo Mountain region by supporting sustainable forest management, improving the knowledge of large carnivores in the region to help with the decision making process, and analysing the potential for nature-based tourism.

The spring 2017 issue of the .eu Illustrated not only sheds light on EURid’s effective environmental efforts, but also highlights some of the incredible work that is being done by .eu and .ею holders themselves.

The Better World category for the 2017 .eu Web Awards aims to reward and admire the great work that our green community members do day in and day out.


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