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eQ-3 is Europe’s Number One in Smart Home

According to the renowned market research company Berg Insight, eQ-3 is the European market leader in smart home for the third time in a row. The company jumps ahead with a market share of 35 percent in installed whole home solutions: About 285,000 households in Europe already use whole home solutions from eQ-3. With regard to smart thermostats, there are over 560,000 households already. In total eQ-3 has shipped more than 18 million wireless home control devices.

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The market research company Berg Insight confirms the company located in Leer, Germany, as market leader in its fourth edition of the “Smart Homes and Home Automation” study. Whole home systems by eQ-3 are already installed in around 285,000 households in Europe today. These include more than six million devices based on the Homematic product line as well as the next smart home generation Homematic IP and major OEM solutions such as RWE smart home. The company has recorded continuous growth over many years in the smart home area, largely thanks to the product line Homematic introduced almost ten years ago. In the last three years, Homematic growth exceeded 75 percent per year, even with the already large installed base. According to Berg Insight, Homematic has three times more installed whole home systems in the consumer segment than all KNX manufacturers together.

The same positive trend becomes apparent when looking at the smart thermostats sector: Over 560,000 households in Europe use smart thermostats from eQ-3 already today, representing a market share of 41 percent. According to Berg Insight, the heating control system MAX! is used in 320,000 households.

In contrast to other smart thermostat solutions, eQ-3 solutions such as Homematic IP, Homematic, and MAX! provide heating control not only for the entire home, but on a room-by-room basis. Therefore, the energy is controlled based on the actual usage of rooms and associated need for heating rooms individually. This results in significantly increased energy savings. Furthermore, while other solutions typically consist of a boiler switch, a thermostat, and a gateway only, the eQ-3 solutions additionally include radiator thermostats, wall thermostats, and window sensors and other devices. When considering that a typical eQ-3 heating solution has eight to nine versus two to three devices, the European market share of eQ-3 based on the number of individual devices would be even above 70 percent.

Another major difference to other smart heating solutions is that eQ-3 provides a smooth extension path to full smart home solutions today, seamlessly adding security and alarm, light and shade, access control and many other applications for mass consumer deployment. The eQ-3 smart home products are marketed under the Homematic IP, Homematic, and MAX! brands through a wide variety of channels, including specialty retailers, Amazon and many online stores, large CE retailers, DIY, and installers that are served by our own field sales force together with the leading electrical wholesaler Sonepar. Additionally, eQ-3 is the technology and product provider behind smart home offerings from RWE, Deutsche Telekom and many other OEMs. With Homematic IP and an earlier OEM solution, eQ-3 is the pioneer in delivering an all-IPv6 smart home solution. Further strengths of Homematic IP are its ease-of-use, confirmed best-in-class security, and a leading position in data privacy thanks to a free, anonymously operated cloud service.

Homematic IP by eQ-3

About eQ-3:

eQ-3 is one of the leading innovation and technology companies for home control and consumer electronics. With more than 200 different types of products, eQ-3 today provides the largest product portfolio in the industry and has placed more than 18 million wireless solutions in more than 600,000 households on the market. This makes eQ-3 the European market leader in smart home technology based on the number of whole home solutions and electronic radiator thermostats installed. Homematic is the leading smart home platform with more than 80 devices and open communication interfaces. Homematic IP, the next generation of Homematic, is based on the Internet standard IPv6 as open platform and fully compatible with the devices of the Homematic family. The products are designed and developed at the headquarters in Leer, Germany. The final manufacturing takes place in the own production plant in South China. The ELV/eQ-3 group has been family owned since its foundation. The eQ-3 group was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from the ELV Elektronik AG, existing since 1978. Further information: , , .


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