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ELPHiC Announces Availability of Samples of New Generation Indium-Phosphide Integrated Receiver and Laser-Diode for PON and Datacom Applications

ElectroPhotonic-IC, Inc. (ELPHiC), an emerging technology innovator of new generation IndiumPhosphide chips, announced today samples availability of their integrated Optics/Electronics receiver. This follows the sampling of its 10G 1271 laser for ONU application that has showed very high reliability.

ELPHiC has developed a ground-breaking opto-electronic integration technology, leading to a new generation of Indium Phosphide chips enabling higher performance, lower power consumption, and increased reliability for lasers and PIN receivers. This integration eliminates the need for APDs, thus reducing the cost of the receiver.

ELPHiC will soon announce sampling dates for its breakthrough EML for 224Gb/s applications.

According to Jim Hjartarson, CEO of ELPHiC, and a seasoned telecommunications industry veteran, “By integrating key optical and electronic elements on the same InP semiconductor substrate with the analog amplification circuitry, we create an architectural shift in building optics chipsets that significantly improve performance and power, lower cost, and reduce module form factor. Our patented PIN architecture also allows for sensitivity levels comparable to those of APDs.”

Christian Ilmi, VP Worldwide Sales, who recently joined ELPHiC from the optical module manufacturing industry, added: “The demand for lasers and receivers from module manufacturers of PON and Datacom markets has seen an unprecedented increase over the past 3 years. The recently announced government funding for PON deployments will add even more pressure to this demand. ELPHiC’s timing for cheaper and more effective optics could not be better.”

Joe Costello, Chairman of the board of ELPHiC and Silicon Valley veteran said, “Finally the promise of monolithic integration of optical devices and electronics are coming to market. With the benefits of ELPHiC’s technology, the performance of optical links in PON, datacenters and other emerging innovative markets will take a giant leap forward”.

To order samples of ELPHiC’s receiver and laser, please email For more information about ELPHiC and its product offering, visit

About ELPHiC

ElectroPhotonic-IC Inc. (ELPHiC) is an emerging technology innovator founded in Ottawa, Canada with the mission to provide ground-breaking opto-electronic integration technology, leading to a new generation of high-performance Indium Phosphide-based chips. Using a fabless model, the company is developing technologies targeted at transmitters and receivers based on monolithic electronic – photonic integration on Indium Phosphide platform.

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