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GS Global expands its portfolio with DEXLEVO for the EU and North America market

GS, which has announced its expansion into the bio business by acquiring Hugel, a botulinum toxin manufacturer, now seeks further business expansion. The group plans to diversify its business portfolio by collaborating with technology-competitive bio ventures. Recently, it is seen to consider synergy by combining botulinum toxin and fillers.

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According to industry sources, GS’s trading arm GS Global is exploring the global filler market by signing a strategic partnership with DEXLEVO on May 20. The agreement worth 10 million dollars (KRW 12.7 billion) aims to distribute GOURI, a liquid PCL injectable of DEXLEVO in Turkey. GS is also eyeing penetrating markets in Europe and the Greater China Region.

GS focuses on DEXLEVO’s superior technology which can generate synergy with its bio portfolio. GOURI is the world’s first filler based on polycaprolactone (PCL), a biodegradable solubilized polymer. The product evenly spreads to human faces without particles after injection to form collagen.

Furthermore, the group noted the fact that filler and botulinum are complementary goods under the same aesthetic portfolio. DEXLEVO’s product GOURI received CE certification in May 2021, paving the way for exports. GS intends to export Hugel’s botulinum toxin utilizing the distribution network for DEXLEVO’s filler.

Industry officials said that Hugel had built a relationship with DEXLEVO by securing the right to exclusive distribution of DEXLEVO’s liquid polymer fillers in Korea before it was acquired by GS, and thus GS is expecting synergy when it expands the botulinum toxin business.

GS has made various moves to expand its bio business. Last year GS Global signed a business agreement with AT Sens, a developer of ECG (electrocardiogram) monitors to explore the North American market. The agreement was to sell AT-Patch, the first long-term uninterrupted ambulatory cardiac monitor launched in Korea by AT Sens to North America.

In addition, the Future Business Team of the holding company GS is exploring new businesses to seek additional sources of growth through M&A. Future business Team consists of team leader Hur Seo-Hong, and Executive Directors Gwak Won Cheol, Hwang Jae-eung, and Gu Ja-yong. The team includes more executives and most of them are looking for additional investment in biotech.

A GS group official said, "Collaboration with DEXLEVO is one of our multiple strategies to secure sources of future growth, and we will continuously explore new businesses in various areas including the bio sector."



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