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Del Driving Better with Summer Tyres

Springtime is tyre-changing time. However, some people who have been driving on old winter tyres might consider wearing them out completely by leaving them for all summer, thus saving themselves the cost of having the tyres changed as well as the possible cost of a new set of summer tyres. By doing so, they sacrifice their own safety and purchasing efficiency.

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The properties of summer and winter tyres are designed to meet the specific requirements of weather conditions at different times of year. In this way, they ensure optimum efficiency and safety in the prevailing weather conditions. While it may be very tempting to drive straight through to autumn on winter tyres, in warm temperatures summer tyres are a better choice. The general rule of thumb is: from Easter to October. Once the average temperature is mostly above seven degrees Celsius, summer tyres show off all their advantages.

Even Germany’s largest automobile association, ADAC, warns against driving on winter tyres during summer. The reason: due to the soft tread compound used in winter tyres, they are not suited to warm temperatures and offer less grip. When the weather gets warmer, the tread quickly wears off and braking performance is significantly affected. ADAC tests on winter tyres have shown that in summer, stopping distances at approx. 60mph/h may be extended by up to 16 metres. If tyres are also heated further through heavy vehicle loads, winter tyre side walls can suffer damage, and parts of the tread can even come unstuck.

“We recommend changing to summer tyres now, because they are the only tyres that offer the right custom profile and special rubber compound for warmer weather and therefore ensure good grip and shorter breaking distances”, advises Thierry Delesalle from “If you’re thinking of leaving your winter tyres on, you won’t do your wallet any favours: in warm weather, winter tyres can increase fuel consumption by up to 15%”, explains Delesalle.

So save now and hit the road properly equipped: just click on and enjoy a wide range of suitable summer tyres at great prices - quickly, easily and securely. Tyres can be delivered either to the customer’s preferred address, or to one of over 2,000 partner fitting stations across the UK. Many partner workshops also offer customers competitive prices for storing their winter tyres at the workshop until the following winter.

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