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Dedagroup Stealth Acquires Zedonk

Dedagroup Stealth, the tech company behind more than 60% of Italy’s best-known global fashion brands, has acquired Zedonk, the company relied on by more than 650 small fashion businesses.

Until now, smaller brands and start-ups had no access to a single, integrated solution for managing the entire product life cycle, from initial design and production, right through to multichannel distribution in retail, wholesale, marketplaces and social commerce channels, and in addition they had no access to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology to support rapid international growth. The acquisition of Zedonk by Dedagroup Stealth fills this market gap.

Dedagroup Stealth is one of only a handful of international companies with a wide range of software solutions for the efficient and flexible management of all the production and distribution processes for fashion products across multiple channels, which has given it leadership among large and medium-sized brands.

Now, with Zedonk, Dedagroup Stealth will be a unique partner for smaller fashion companies, from the very beginning of their growth trajectory right through to international expansion.

Zedonk enables brands in their emerging phase as well as those who are established, but want to accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Its solutions include design and production management, stock inventory, purchase orders, style management as well as customer and supplier relations, with all data managed and protected in the Cloud.

As well as complementary technologies, the two companies now have a significant footprint in the UK through new headquarters in London where Dedagroup Stealth consultants already on the ground will join the Zedonk team.

Marcia Lazar, Co-founder of Zedonk , said: "We join the Dedagroup Stealth family with great enthusiasm. For us, it is the ideal strategic partner to continue on our ambitious development path. We are truly satisfied with this global operation, which has the clear objective of bringing to the fashion sector an offer that can accompany any brand in every phase of its life, from the launch to the intermediate development phase up to maturity, supporting it in the definition of processes and strategies.”

Mimmo Solida, CEO of Dedagroup Stealth , added: “For too long, many brands have struggled to find an integrated solution that helps them manage their entire supply chain. It has long been our ambition to find a partner that can support designers, small brands and fashion start-ups as they grow, with a range of solutions that support business critical focuses of fashion retailers, from supply chain to sales, that allow for internationalisation. This acquisition will bring new value to the market and, at the same time, will strongly support our expansion strategy geographically and as a business, whilst completing our product portfolio to support fashion brands from entrepreneurial start-ups to enterprise players.”

Marco Podini, Executive Chairman of Dedagroup Stealth parent company Dedagroup, commented: "I am particularly pleased by the acquisition of Zedonk because our software, which has already contributed to the growth of many important creative brands in the world, can help other small fashion companies to develop rapidly. Our support is more vital than ever now that the market has changed so drastically for companies of all sizes, made even worse in the current crisis as whole countries shut down.”

“The global fashion industry needs the right tools to capitalise on business opportunities without being overwhelmed at an organisational level. The tsunami moving from east to west, leaving behind lowered shutters and people locked indoors, will be followed by a second wave that will see everyone wanting to get back to normal. Agility, underpinned by robust digital technologies, will be the catalyst that defines business success and will fuel retail performance in markets as they reopen, starting from China. Dedagroup Stealth will be able to support brands from the very smallest up to the largest as they restart their plans for global expansion,” Podini concluded.


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