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Now You Can Get Your Whole Genome Sequenced in Only 2 Weeks With Dante Labs

Dante Labs announced today the official launch of its premium 2-week turnaround time for its whole genome sequencing tests. On average, genetics labs in Europe, Asia and the United States offer turnaround times between six to ten weeks, and just for the raw data. Dante Labs offers reports and raw data within two weeks from receiving the sample back.

The new service is possible thanks to the new Illumina-backed, high-throughput, automated sequencing centre that Dante Labs built in Italy, fully dedicated to the classical Whole Genome and the WholeGenomeZ™ sequencing tests.

“It is a huge difference to have our own sequencing centre.” Dante Labs CEO Andrea Riposati says. “We thought we could offer best in class service by externalizing the sequencing to third party labs. Through our initial model, thousands of people received their full whole genome results at affordable prices, receiving a full picture of their DNA for the first time in their life, often after years of guessing and after life-long undiagnosed odysseys. However, in the last twelve months about 20% of our users experienced delays – in some cases significant ones – because of delays from third party labs. Now, we can go from being criticized as ‘too slow’ to providing first-class sequencing speed matched with the first-class quality of our sequencing lab. If someone needs an urgent whole genome sequencing, we are the go-to-company.”

In order to ensure everyone received results on time and is also fully aware of the status of its samples, Dante Labs made significant investments in the last four months:

  • Dante Labs built its own high-throughput sequencing center in L’Aquila, Italy, a 900-square meter GDPR-compliant, certified facility;
  • Dante Labs fully internalized its non-US logistics in Italy and selected a new, best-in-class fulfilment partner in North America;
  • Dante Labs developed a clearer messaging system to alert individuals about the status of their samples, including visual widgets and smart automated emails, personalized for family members who registered multiple kits and ordered multiple reports;

The price of the Premium Whole Genome is €899 (or $949) for the fast turnaround time vs. €599 (or $649) for the standard turnaround time. The price for the Super Premium WholeGenomeZ is €1399 (or $1499) for the fast turnaround time, and €899 (or $999) for the standard turnaround time.

These prices are still way below what individuals are forced to pay by offline labs across Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Asia.

About Dante Labs

Dante Labs is global genetic testing and data analysis company specialized in whole genome sequencing and interpretation. To learn more or to purchase a Dante Labs whole genome sequencing test, visit and follow @DanteLabs , or visit our YouTube Channel .



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