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Danish Maritime Authority makes more data available


Now, the Danish Maritime Authority makes historical AIS data available to everybody as a supplement to the current solution with access to live AIS data.

It will become possible to continuously get AIS data covering the last two years. Historical data from October 2014 will be available (in Danish) from www.soefartsstyrelsen.dk under AIS data. Historical data can, for example, be used to analyse navigation patterns.

Also in 2017, the Danish Maritime Authority expects to open up for AIS data from before October 2014 on its webpage for a limited period of time.

Troels Blicher Danielsen, Deputy Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority:

”By means of more open data, we hope to contribute to increased growth in Blue Denmark. Open data may help create innovation in the maritime industries."

The Danish Maritime Authority makes its historical AIS data available to everybody so that those who may wish this in the future can themselves make AIS analyses. This also means that the Danish Maritime Authority will no longer make AIS analyses under the scheme on commercial services rendered by public organisations.

It will still be possible to get access to live AIS data from the webpage of the Danish Maritime Authority. The fee for this will be between DKK 1,800 and 5,600 a year depending on the type of access chosen.

AIS data are opened as so-called CSV files.


AIS is an English abbreviation for Automatic Identification System. AIS is a VHF based navigation and anti-collision tool making it possible to exchange ship-to-ship information. This information – the AIS data – is furthermore collected in a shore-based AIS system operated by the Danish Maritime Authority.

On the following ships, there is a carriage requirement for AIS transponders:

  • All ships above 300 gross tonnage
  • All passenger ships
  • All fishing vessels with a length above 15 metres.

Small vessels can be fitted with AIS class B equipment – but it is not a requirement.


About Danish Maritime Authority

Danish Maritime Authority
Danish Maritime Authority
Fjordvænget 30
DK-4220 Korsør

+45 72 19 60 00https://www.dma.dk/

“The Danish Maritime Authority sets the direction for future quality shipping”

Our field of responsibility is based on the shipping industry and its framework conditions, the ship and its crew. In addition, we are responsible for aids to navigation in the waters surrounding Denmark and ashore. In other words, the Danish Maritime Authority has the responsibility for the following:

  • The construction, equipment and operation of Danish ships (including safety, terror prevention, navigational regulations, manning, occupational health and environmental protection) as well as port State control of foreign ships calling at Danish ports.
  • Ship registration.
  • Seafarers’ employment, health and conditions of social security.
  • Shipping policy, maritime law as well as industrial policy, both nationally and internationally.
  • Tasks related to aids to navigation at sea and ashore (lighthouses and buoys), including ships and repair workshops.
  • Navigational information in the form of navigational analyses, warnings, GIS and specialist publications.
  • The national pilot authority.

The Danish Maritime Authority consists of the central authority, eight survey offices, including the office in Nuuk, Greenland, as well as the Centre of Maritime Health and Safety on the island of Fanø.

Our responsibility as a government agency applies both to the merchant fleet and the fishing industry. However, the Danish Maritime Authority is not responsible for the industrial policy relating to fishing which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

Please observe that the surveillance of Danish waters and of civilian shipping, sovereignty enforcement, the police authority, pollution prevention, environmental surveillance, ice-breaking, etc. are the responsibility of the Ministry of Defence.

The Danish Maritime Authority is a government agency under the Ministry of Business and Growth.

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