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NASA orders additional Space Ergometer from Danish Aerospace Company A/S


Odense, February 25th, 2021

Company Announcement no.  22 - 25-02 2021                                   

NASA orders additional Space Ergometer from Danish Aerospace Company A/S

Danish Aerospace Company A/S (DAC) has signed a contract addition for the delivery of another of the company's new space ergometers to NASA. This order is worth DKK 3.2 million and NASA has now bought new space ergometers from DAC over the last three years for a total of DKK 14.8 million.

  • Danish Aerospace Company A/S in Odense, Denmark, has today signed a new purchase order with Jacobs Engineering in the USA for the delivery of yet another of the company's new FERGO space ergometers to NASA.
  • The order, which has now been signed, has a value of DKK 3.2 million.
  • The first part of the order was signed in 2019 with a total amount of DKK 11.6 million.
  • Thus, the company's FERGO order portfolio, which now extends to the end of 2021, amounts to a total of DKK 14.8 million.
  • NASA is the first customer for DAC's new generation of space ergometers - FERGO.
  • The first FERGO space ergometer, a training model, was shipped to the United States in December 2020.
  • The first launch of the FERGO space ergometer to the International Space Station is expected to take place in 2021/2022.
  • The new additional FERGO ergometer is to be delivered to NASA by the end of 2021.
  • With this, NASA has purchased a total of four FERGO space ergometers and a series of accessories and spare parts for them.

The CEO of DAC, Thomas A. E. Andersen, is pleased that the additional order finally has been signed:
"We had expected that, at some point, NASA would order another FERGO ergometer from us., We are therefore very happy that this order has now materialized. It helps to ensure continuity in 2021 and is an additional indication of NASA's trust in Danish Aerospace Company A/S, which we are deeply honored by."

Additional information

  • FERGO is DAC's new generation of space ergometers and has been developed by DAC as an internal development project. FERGO replaces DAC's current CEVIS ergometers on the International Space Station ISS.
  • Since 1992, DAC has supplied 10 Shuttle Cycle Ergometers to NASA's Space Shuttle program and 4 CEVIS (Cycle Ergometer with Vibration Isolation System) space ergometers to Mir and the International Space Station ISS, as well as a wide range of upgrades and spare parts over the years.
  • Since 1993, DAC has had ongoing maintenance contracts with various NASA subcontractors on the CEVIS ergometers that have been used on the Space Shuttles, on the now retired Russian space station Mir and today on the International Space Station ISS.
  • In the late 1980s, DAC began developing a space ergometer on a contract with the European Space Agency ESA, after which NASA discovered DAC's ergometers and switched to it. DAC has ever since been a regular supplier to NASA (Since NASA cannot enter into direct contracts with foreign companies, this is done through one of NASA's subcontractors).

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About Danish Aerospace Company A/S:

Danish Aerospace Company (DAC) is a high-tech company operating in the area of advanced medical instrumentation and other engineering fields primarily within space applications. Our products are based on many years of specialized research and development. These consist of developing, integrating, and applying new as well as established medical technologies to the challenges of functioning and remaining reliable in space. These products and services bring the potential of space research and experience from space operations down to Earth for the benefit of all Mankind.

Danish Aerospace Company employs engineers and technicians who deliver full engineering, production and technical services for our customers. We have specialized in customer specific design, development, manufacturing, certification, maintenance, testing, and operations.

The company has developed five generations respiratory equipment for spaceflight, cycle ergometers for astronauts’ countermeasures, adapted several commercial medical equipment for spaceflight and has participated in the development of the minus eighty-degree Celsius freezers.

The Company’s quality system is certified in obligation to BS EN ISO 9001:2015, BS EN 9100:2018 technically equivalent to AS9100D that are the acknowledged standard in the area.

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