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TrueNorth Quantum Launches Its Innovative, Proprietary Cloud Technology Platform; Northern Shield, Is A Scalable, Secure Infrastructure Designed To Rapidly Build And Launch The Next Generation Of Decentralized Blockchain Applications.

By 2021, 90% of current enterprise blockchain platform implementations will require replacement within 18 months to remain competitive, secure, and avoid obsolescence, according to Gartner, Inc.1

WATERLOO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / August 9, 2021 / TrueNorth Quantum Inc. ('TrueNorth'), the creator of the Northern Shield, an innovative, scalable, institutional-grade cloud platform for building the next generation of decentralized blockchain applications. ('Dapp') for FinTech, MedTech, AgTech, and HealthTech announce the launch of the Northern Shield as a Platform as a Service offering to accelerate the replacement of 90% of today's Blockchain applications.

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Doug Beynon, Executive Chairman of TrueNorth states: 'Decentralized applications are, simply, applications built on the Blockchain or distributed ledger technology. This is where much of the blockchain work is being done now. The Blockchain is currently undergoing the same application-level growing pains that the internet did in the late 90s and early '00s, and the Northern Shield will accelerate the scaling of decentralized applications'.

He continued: 'Our platform offers stability and scalability in a world of continuously shifting technology. It allows our users to get up and running faster with our decentralized platform, featuring a broad range of available integrations, a rich ecosystem of services, built-in global business protocols, smart data management, and advanced security'.

The platform has four services that separate us from our competition:

  • Advanced-Data Management: Our security protocols travel with the data, leaving no points of weakness.
  • Secure Distributed Transactions: We provide quantum-proof security transaction handling, taking smart contracts to a new level
  • Workflow Management: Our App has a goal-oriented system design that enables interoperability across complex tech environments.
  • Flexible Microservices: From identity services to transcoding, our vast menu of services streamlines development and reduces time to market.

Applications built on the Blockchain are developed to heavily prioritize functionality and power over security, usability, and simplicity. While this is undoubtedly important for the 'proof of concept' phase of Blockchain, the ecosystem is now hungry for wide-scale adoption and growth. The Northern Shield will facilitate this transition from proof of concept to global institutional scale up to 5x faster than trying to do a complete rebuild to meet the stringent requirements of major institutional customers.

The Northern Shield is being offered in partnership with Dapp developers enabling the reuse of their proof-of-concept implementation by rapidly porting to the Northern Shield, instantly gaining institutional-grade security, scalability, and global access.

TrueNorth takes a partnership approach with selective application development initiatives, whether large institutions are looking to enter the Dapp market or small Dapp developers with a breakthrough idea. Our transaction pricing is success fee-based ensuring everyone wins.

For more information on the Northern Shield, Download the Investor Fact Sheet

About TrueNorth Quantum Inc.
TrueNorth Quantum Inc., has entered into a non-binding LOI with United Royale Group Corp. (OTC:URYL) for URYL to acquire TNQ in exchange for shares of URYL. The definitive acquisition documents are being negotiated and drafted, and there is no guarantee that the transaction will close or be approved by the shareholders of TNQ.

TrueNorth Quantum Inc. is the creator of the Northern Shield, an innovative, scalable, institutional-grade cloud platform that enables the rapid build and scale of decentralized applications across multiple industries. The Northern Shield Platform-as-a-Service offers advanced data security protocols and workflow management, built on a flexible microservices ecosystem. As a development partner, True North Quantum seeks opportunities to accelerate innovation, including investment in disruptive technologies we believe will change the world. Our partner acceleration model, which offers application development services, rapid prototyping, transactional revenue pricing, and capital injection, enables industry disruptors to succeed, no matter where they are in their business journey.

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