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Chery Is Accompanied With Love at the Mid-Autumn Festival

China celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 10. On this day, all Chinese families will partake in eating a classic dish: moon cake. Because the round moon cake is as golden as the moon, it represents the joyous reunion as the moon, conveying the lovely desires of family reunion.

Chinese moon cakes have the same connotation as French “Galette des Rois.“ The “Galette des Rois“ is a festival food that all French people must consume during the Epiphany. The Galette des Rois represents the sun's incarnation, which also indicates that Jesus' arrival delivers light to the earth. As a result, on the day of the Epiphany, the whole family gathered to eat the same Galette des Rois to bring good luck.

It is a means for family to pin happiness, whether it is Chinese moon cake or French Galette des Rois. Chery, which has offices in over 80 countries and regions worldwide, considers its users and partners to be "family members" and utilises the Mid-Autumn Festival to express care and blessings to the "family." Chery purposefully integrates into local social culture with the image of "affinity, friendliness, and responsibility" under the blessing of "globalisation" and "international brand," and transfers love and duty by conducting global public welfare.

Chery is celebrating 21 years of worldwide strategy implementation this year. Chery has been involved in a variety of public welfare initiatives all around the globe for many years. Chery enthusiastically engaged in the Children's Association's charity events in July of this year, bringing personal hygiene items and consumables such as candies, beverages, and other items.

Chery will continue to actively conduct social public welfare, fulfill the role of "global corporate citizens," and carry forth Chery's worldwide humanistic care while providing excellent goods and services to global users in the future.

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