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Cherwell Software Invites IT Teams to Take the "Cherwell Challenge"

Cherwell Launches Program to Disrupt ITSM Status Quo

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO--(Marketwired - October 20, 2016) - Cherwell Software is issuing an open challenge to IT teams across the United States: "Tell us one thing you wish your IT service management (ITSM) tool could do, but can't -- and we'll show you how to do it with Cherwell® Service Management ."

Cherwell was recently named the lone "challenger" to traditional ITSM solutions in Gartner's 2016 Magic Quadrant for IT Service Support Management Tools and has embraced the challenger mindset. With the Cherwell Challenge, IT teams will see firsthand how Cherwell Service Management's codeless platform can be rapidly configured to accomplish things they previously considered impossible through the use of ITSM technology.

"When service management professionals hear the word 'codeless,' they assume it's just marketing hype," said Craig Harper , CEO of Cherwell Software. "We are setting out to show the value of a truly codeless solution and demonstrate that Cherwell Service Management is the one platform that can actually deliver upon the promise."

Cherwell's codeless design architecture means the solution can be easily configured, customized, and upgraded -- three tasks recognized to be extremely painful, if not prohibitive, with most market-leading ITSM tools. Better yet, with Cherwell, these things can be accomplished by IT teams without relying on an army of costly programmers, freeing them to focus on their core purpose: delivering first-class support and services to their end users.

"We're issuing the Cherwell Challenge to encourage IT professionals to challenge their own status quo -- as well as their assumptions about what's possible -- in a fun and engaging way," continues Harper. "We don't shy away from a challenge, and we're putting our money where our mouth is to prove our capabilities. Once IT teams experience the power and versatility of Cherwell Service Management, they become not only IT superstars, but also company-wide business enablers."

IT professionals who participate can submit their challenges on Cherwell's web site . Within three business days, Cherwell will schedule a one-on-one session to illustrate how easily Cherwell Service Management can be configured to solve their challenge. If the problem can't be solved with Cherwell, the company has pledged to make a donation of $100.00 to a charity of the participant's choice.

Cherwell encourages participants to be creative and think outside the box when submitting their challenges. According to Jarod Greene, Vice President of Product Marketing, "We want to demonstrate that innovation is alive and well in IT; if you can draw it on a whiteboard, you can build it in Cherwell. We haven't seen an ITSM challenge we couldn't meet. We ask, can your ITSM vendor say the same thing?"

Greene concludes, "One reason Cherwell has a 98 percent customer satisfaction rate is because our product is intuitive, powerful, and a fraction of the cost of more complex, less customizable ITSM solutions offered by other vendors. We're inviting IT teams to put us to the test. You have nothing to lose -- other than the chance to see something really cool."

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A global leader in IT service management and IT asset management, Cherwell empowers IT to lead through the use of powerful and intuitive technology that enables better, faster, and more affordable innovation. The Cherwell® Service Management platform is built from the ground up with a unique codeless architecture that enables rapid time to value, infinite flexibility, and frictionless upgrades every time -- at a fraction of the cost and complexity of legacy solutions. Because of Cherwell's focus on delivering solutions that are easy to configure, customize, and use, IT organizations extend Cherwell to solve a wide range of IT and business problems. With an unwavering commitment to putting customers first and being easy to do business with, Cherwell enjoys 98%+ customer satisfaction. Cherwell has a global network of expert partners serving customers in more than 40 countries. Corporate headquarters are in Colorado, USA, with global offices in the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia.

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