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Broad agreement on strengthening of Danish diplomacy


The political parties behind the national agreement on Danish security policy have agreed to strengthen Denmark’s diplomatic forces with DKK 110 million over the next two years.

As part of the national agreement on Danish security policy, the Danish Government (Social Democrats), the Liberal Party, the Socialist People’s Party, the Social Liberal Party, and the Conservative People’s Party have agreed to allocate additional funding for heightened preparedness, financial imbalances in the Danish Armed Forces, strengthened diplomacy, and more.

Based on the national agreement, the parties today agreed to allocate an additional DKK 110 million for Danish diplomacy over the next two years: DKK 40 million in 2022 and DKK 70 million in 2023.

The parties have agreed to allocate funding so that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark can, among other things, launch the following initiatives:

-      Strengthening Denmark’s embassies in Ukraine, the Baltic States, the Balkans and Central and Eastern Europe, including in Bucharest for efforts relating to Moldova. Denmark will also open a new embassy in Georgia. Staffing and resources pertaining to this geographical area will also be strengthened within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen. This will support the military efforts and increase cooperation with the countries in our neighbouring area to the east.

-      Strengthened presence at Denmark’s missions in the United States, NATO and the EU. The corresponding units at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen will also be strengthened. Denmark will also raise its presence in UN security work. These measures will increase Denmark’s contribution to the transatlantic and European cooperation on defence and security.

-      Strengthened crisis preparedness for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen. This includes the establishment of a standing crisis response unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – a measure recommended in the Danish authorities’ assessment of the evacuation from Afghanistan.

-      Improved cyber and information security in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen and at Danish missions.

-      Strengthening of Denmark’s work on arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation.

-      New funding for the Peace and Stabilisation Fund to strengthen Danish support for stabilisation and rebuilding efforts.

In accordance with the national agreement on Danish security policy, the Danish Government will, before the end of 2023, initiate discussions on the experiences from the strengthened diplomatic efforts alongside the discussions on the forthcoming Defence Agreement. The parties will also be invited to discussions on Denmark’s continued strong support for and engagement in Ukraine, including on stabilisation, rebuilding and energy independence from Russia.


Minister for Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod (Social Democrats):

“Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine has created a more insecure and unpredictable world. This calls for greater diplomatic muscle to ensure Denmark’s influence and promote Danish values and interests. With this agreement, we are increasing the number of Danish diplomats – especially in the front-line states in Eastern Europe, where they are greatly needed. We are also strengthening our foreign and security policy presence in the UN, in the EU and in Washington D.C. This sends a strong signal that Denmark is prepared to do our part in the strengthened foreign and security policy cooperation in the West. And I would like to thank the parties behind the agreement for a good and constructive negotiation process.”

Contact: Functioning Head of Press for the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sissel Christine Søe: +45 51 83 74 14 or

Michael Aastrup Jensen, spokesman on foreign affairs for the Liberal Party:

“Putin’s war in Ukraine calls on us to strengthen Denmark’s presence in the countries that are especially threatened by Putin. In the Liberal Party, we have worked hard to strengthen our diplomatic presence in the Caucasus with an embassy in Georgia, which is partially occupied by Russia. We are pleased that we are now establishing an embassy in Georgia. Similarly, we are happy that with this agreement, we are strengthening the diplomatic efforts in Moldova via the embassy in Bucharest in Romania, which the Liberal Party has also worked to ensure in the negotiations. It is also positive that we are strengthening our diplomatic presence at a number of embassies in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, the Balkans, and not least in Ukraine, which will both help to ensure that Denmark can build better knowledge of the challenges in the area, and Danish diplomacy can respond effectively to increased Russian aggression against its neighbouring countries. Denmark must stand against Putin, and we must prepare for a new foriegn policy reality – and that is why this agreement is so important.”

Contact: Michael Aastrup, tel. +45 6162 4225

Anna Valentina Bertelsen, spokeswoman on defence for the Socialist People’s Party:

“For the Socialist People’s Party, a central part of the national agreement on Denmark’s defence and security was the strengthening of our diplomacy. We are now delivering the first steps towards this aim. I am particularly pleased about the upgrading of our mission in Brussels, which is one of the smallest in the EU.

In a more uncertain world, there is a need for strengthened diplomacy – both with allies and with foes. Coordination is important, and I think that the EU has shown strength in its unity and resolute reactions towards Russia, but this requires a huge amount of work to prepare and organise. The EU is the most important arena for Denmark, and I see our allocation of additional resources in Brussels as an important step in the right direction.”

Contact: Anne Valentina Bertelsen, tel. +45 6162 3068 –

Martin Lidegaard, spokesman on foreign affairs for the Social Liberal Party:

“We are pleased to achieve this substantial bolstering of Danish diplomacy – something we have been fighting for for many years – not least the new embassy in Georgia. That said, we clearly would have liked to see an even greater allocation of additional resources. Therefore, it is also important to us that we have agreed to already review this issue again this autumn in connection with the new Defence Agreement and the rebuilding of Ukraine.”

Contact: Martin Lidegaard, tel. +45 6162 4618 –


Marcus Knuth, spokesman on defence for the Conservative People’s Party:

“The Conservative People’s Party is extremely pleased that our national agreement also includes a substantial boost for our Foreign Service. It is especially important for us that we are now strengthening our presence in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe, which harmonises very well with the Danish military cooperation in our neighbouring area to the east. Furthermore, we are happy that our wish for the opening of a Danish embassy in Georgia has been met, as the embassy will be part of an important Danish engagement in the Caucasus.”

Contact: Marcus Knuth, tel. +45 6162 4475 –


Annette Lind, spokeswoman on foreign affairs for the Social Democrats:

“We Danes are not afraid to take responsibility and seek influence in the world. This is certainly also needed in the wake of Putin’s agression, which has greatly heightened the importance of the Baltic Sea in terms of foreign and security policy. Denmark’s commitment to diplomacy has been confirmed by a broad circle of political parties with this agreement, which increases Denmark’s diplomatic force across the board, from Washington D.C. to the EU, UN and Eastern Europe. And I am especially glad that we are now strengthening cyber security in the Foreign Service. This is an important, forward-looking measure that will better equip Denmark against today’s foreign and security policy threats.”

Contact: Annette Lind, tel. +45 6162 5182 –

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