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Briefing on the upcoming call for applications for exploration and carbon dioxide (CO2) storage permits


The Danish Energy Agency invites all interested parties to a briefing on the upcoming call for applications for exploration and carbon dioxide (CO2) storage permits.

The briefing will take place Monday 15 August from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Danish Energy Agency, conference room UC1, Carsten Niebuhrs Gade 43, 1577 Copenhagen V.

During the briefing, The Danish Energy Agency, Nordsøfonden and the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) will explain the terms of the upcoming call and how to apply for an exploration and geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) permit in accordance with § 23 of the Danish Subsoil Act. Interested parties can apply for exploration and carbon dioxide (CO2) storage permits in a designated area of the North Sea within the boundaries of the Danish continental shelf, west of 6 degree 15’ E and north of 56 degree 00’ N. 

Registration and online participation

Registration is obligatory. To complete your registration, send an e-mail containing your name and organization/affiliation to Mads Kjær Poulsen, e-mail: makp@ens.dk. Registration is free of charge.

If you wish to participate online, please indicate this in your registration mail. We will then forward you a link to access the virtual conference room.

Participants must register with the reception upon arrival.


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Danish Energy Agency
Danish Energy Agency
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The Danish Energy Agency works for a sustainable future. We are responsible for cost-effective and secure supply of electricity, gas, heating, water, telecoms and waste management. Our objective is to realize an intelligent green transition, where Denmark is a front runner and Danish experience can serve as inspiration to countries around the globe.

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