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Bilia company Ecris receives the award This year’s innovation for its method to recylce lithium-ion batteries

Ecris is a company within the Bilia family and a part of Bilia Reuse, which develops methods for vehicle recycling. The company is a world leading player in its niche when it comes to the remanufacture of products for the automotive industry and received the award This year’s innovation for its method to recycle lithium-ion batteries with its energy storage

The next few years the electric car market is expected to grow rapidly, which means that the number of discarded lithium-ion batteries will increase. If the batteries are reconditioned and reused they often have more than half of their lifespan left, which provides a great environmental benefit against replacing them with newly manufactured batteries.

Magnus Ramfelt, MD Ecris AB, comments:
"The energy storage E-CUBE can control and use most car manufacturer’s batteries at a competitive price. It feels great that the work of me and my colleagues Ove Sers and Fredrik Stigebrandt started four years ago is now bearing fruit. It feels good to be able to do our share in terms of sustainability".

The award This year’s innovation rewards creative ideas that turn new opportunities into practice. The prize was awarded by Jönköping Science Park and Almi, to a company that has shown good growth potential with new technology, high ambition and drive.

Gothenburg, March 4, 2021

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For information please contact:
Magnus Ramfelt, MD Ecris AB, +46 (0)10 497 59 71, 
Kristina Franzén, CFO, +46 (0)10 497 73 40,
Anders Rydheimer, Director Communication & Business Development,
+46 (0)10 497 07 99,

Facts about Ecris

Ecris began as a research project with Volvo Car Corporation, Stena Metall and Jönköpings Bildemontering as the main stakeholders. The aim was to concretise and develop the content of what was at the time new legislation governing vehicle recycling. Today Ecris is one of the world’s leading players in this niche when it comes to the remanufacture of products for the automotive industry.



Facts about the Bilia Group

Bilia is one of Europe’s largest car dealers with a leading position within service and sales of cars and transport vehicles. Bilia has about 140 facilities in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. Bilia sells cars of the brand Volvo, BMW, Toyota, Renault, Lexus, MINI, Dacia, Alpine and transport vehicles of the brand Renault, Toyota and Dacia.

Bilia offers new and used cars, e-commerce, spare parts and store sales, service and repair workshops, tyres and car glass and financing, insurance, car washes, fuel stations and car dismantling under the same roof, which gives a unique customer offer.

Bilia reported a turnover of about SEK 30 bn in 2020 and had about 4,700 employees.


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