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Beter Bed Holding records strong sales growth of 28.7% in Q4 2020


  • Q4 sales amount to € 61.3 million with strong growth driven across all businesses.    
  • Order intake in Benelux in Q4 (+15.1% like-for-like) and New Business (+52.0% like-for-like) resulted in +18.7% in order intake over Q4 and +24.8% for the full year (like-for-like).
  • Order book rose to a record level of € 24.8 million (up 19% vs. 31 December 2019), despite the COVID-19 pandemic and store closures following the second lockdown as of mid-December.
  • Online sales up 119.2% in Q4, leading to a channel share of 17.4% over Q4 and 14.8% for the full year.
  • Strong performance New Business with significantly improved sales at Sängjätten and continued significant growth in the B2B channel at DBC.

John Kruijssen, CEO of Beter Bed Holding, comments:

“The fourth quarter of 2020 marks our seventh consecutive quarter of revenue growth for the Group both offline and online. Our strategy to improve sleep quality of our customers, through all activities we initiate, is clearly paying off. The investments to further digitalise our company and to enhance the customer journey are showing exciting results and better insights to support revenue growth and customer appreciation. In 2021, we will continue to build on our strategic journey of delivering quality sleep through newly developed product ranges, the implementation of technology generated advice, partnerships with specialists and more support services for our customers, while we continue to be the price leader in our market.”

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