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Beijing International Import Food Expo 2016 to Showcase Highly Diversified Foods and Drinks in Beijing

The 5th Beijing International Import Food Expo 2016 (cipfe 2016), which will take place on 6th -8th May, 2016 at Beijing Exhibition Center, is expected to gather over 600 international food enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions. One of the great highlights will be the diversity of foods and drinks from all over the world.

The Asian exhibitors from Korea, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia will showcase various snack foods, including exotic Thai and Malay products such as dried fruits and meat -- durian, mango, coconut, cashew nut, tamarind, and even crocodile meat; as well as drinks, coffee and fish products.

The Russian exhibitors will bring specialties that are treasured by the Russian people, including fruit gummy, nut candy, peanut candy, as well as the Russian-style tiramisu, cheesecake, desserts and honey. Yug Rusi, Russia’s largest sunflower oil producer and importer & exporter of grains & oils, will bring healthy vegetable oils, wheat flour, bread, desserts and snack foods. Meanwhile, well-renowned sweets makers will showcase their popular products.

Meanwhile, several European exhibitors will introduce premium drinking water to the visitors. Zajecicka Horka, regarded as the water of life for Prague, was once served to the Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to the Czech Republic, while Saint-Geron from France is also a good representative of its kind.

The US exhibitor Vita Coco is a famous coconut water producer, enjoying a high popularity in Europe and North America. It is loved by various Hollywood stars and celebrities, including Madonna and Demi Moore, who are also shareholders of the company.

The expo will also gather various honey products from Australia, Germany and Russia; wines from Poland and Georgia, which is the originating region of wines; oils such as sunflower oil from Russia, olive oil from Spain, and all-natural coconut oil from Thailand that is known as “Oil of Life”, “All-purpose Food” and “Medicine That Cures All Diseases”; black tea from Sri Lanka; honey pomelo tea and seaweed from Korea; Polish biscuits; Italian cookies and oats.


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