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BC Hospitality Group ready for growth: Changes name to Bellagroup


BC Hospitality Group has used the lockdown during COVID to rethink its business and start over. After a significant restructuring, new ownership and new management the group is now ready for growth under the new name Bellagroup. The ambition is to make Copenhagen a top destination for major events and conferences.

The COVID crisis meant empty hotels and conference halls and was a dramatic time for BC Hospitality Group, which had to close the majority of the business down and say goodbye to two thirds of the group’s employees. But it was also an opportunity to rethink the business and lay an ambitious plan for the future.

“The severe crisis gave us an opportunity to rethink the business from a to z – much like a start-up. While we were waiting for the guests to return, the management reviewed all operations at both venues and hotels. This was crucial in getting through the crisis,” says CEO of Bellagroup, Christian Folden Lund and adds:

“We have always been great at hosting events and giving people a good experience – but not so good at turning a profit in operations. Therefore, the goal was to strengthen our commercial units with common marketing and sales functions while simplifying the operation of each venue and hotel. We’re not making money yet, but as long as we continue to see a slow reopening of the world, we have a plan to get there and can afford to make the necessary investments.”

CEO: We’re ready to put Copenhagen back on the world map again

Under the COVID-related lockdowns the facilities in Bellakvarter, Ørestad was improved. In June Bella Arena opened with space enough for 8,000 standing guests. It adds new modern squaremeters to Bella Center and thus the opportunity to host several different types of events.

Now there’s space for both the very large conferences with keynotes or larger cultural events and concerts. Major events with up to 20,000 participants can be hosted, but the flexibility also allows for hosting three simultaneous but separate events with up to 5,000 participants each or alternatively a large number of smaller events.

In October, the group’s largest hotel, AC Hotel Bella Sky, finally opened after 1.5 year of lockdown and since the summer, Bellagroup have hired more than 200 new employees. With the current plans for hiring, half of the employees in Bellagroup will have less than 6 month’s seniority by new year. Of the 200 hired so far, half are former employees, who have returned.

“As the world reopens our business foundation returns. People need to meet in person and with the many reorganizations, we are more ready than ever to put Copenhagen back on the world map for large events. We have a platform ready for growth and expansion, and today we celebrate the many changes and plans for the future by renaming the group: Bellagroup,” says Christian Folden Lund.



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About Bellagroup A/S

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About Bellagroup

Bellagroup is among the largest hospitality companies in Denmark. Bellagroup stands on two legs of business: venues and hotels.

The venue part is comprised of Bella Center Copenhagen, Bella Arena and Bella Sky Conference & Event, CIFF Showrooms and International House. Bellagroup produce major events such as CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair), Bogforum (Book Forum) and LEGO World.

In the hotel part, Bellagroup operates three hotels with internationally recognized brands: Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen and Copenhagen Marriott totalling almost 1,600 rooms.

Bellagroup has more than 160 meeting- and conferencerooms and in total more than 200,000 squaremeters with enough space to host 30,000 people.


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