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BactiQuant launches innovative new product to reduce fish mortality within RAS production systems


BactiQuant is delighted to announce FungiCount – a new and innovative product designed to tackle and prevent fungal contamination in RAS aquaculture, hatcheries, and aquatic feed production. Developed to provide a rapid and reliable means of fungal detection, FungiCount is the new solution to fish welfare within the aquaculture industry.

Prevention is always better than cure, and so FungiCount has been designed to quickly detect and generate results even in the earliest stages of fungal growth; spores, hyphae, and micro fragments can be detected – so fungal infections can be handled successfully before they even become a problem.

Morten Miller, Chief Innovation Officer of BactiQuant, states:

”The remediations of fungal contamination not only create a risk for fish welfare and increase mortality in hatcheries, but it can be incredibly costly to the companies involved. On Scottish salmon farms alone, losses are at least 6.5 million US dollars per year, which could potentially be avoided. Most fungi (e.g. Saprolegnia, Aspergillus, and Penicillium) are opportunistic, meaning that they can take advantage of any flaws in fish environments, and can affect fish welfare at any stage of development – including eggs, fry, fingerling, and of course, adult fish.”

”Just imagine what the early detection of fungal growth could mean for your operation and hatchery in particular; from the financial benefits and higher product quality, to the reduced mortality and overall improved fish welfare. This is a prime example as to why monitoring water quality is not a luxury – it really is a necessity.”

Tanja C. K. Sørensen, Dept. Manager, QA & Sustainability of Premium Svensk Lax AB, states:

"Rather than a nice to have this may turn out to be a need to have"

Renowned for its successful and innovative bacteria-detecting products, this is the first of BactiQuants products that will detect fungi within RAS, hatcheries, and feed production units. – and it comes as a much-needed tool, at the right time, with fungal infections being the second biggest cause for significant economic loss within the aquaculture industry, after bacterial infections.

Investing in fungal detection to help generate an early warning has now been made possible with FungiCount – with a full return on investment (ROI) being estimated at just a few months, made simply by reducing mortality by just one-seventh within a typical RAS production facility. The technology can help companies establish a baseline for normal, which can then be used to benchmark against operating routines or changed assumptions.

FungiCount is now available to purchase directly from BactiQuant. Please contact them directly via Christina Katsaiti: or BactiQuant-Contact for more information, or to book a consultation call.

Read more about our new product on BactiQuant ´s landing page for FungiCount


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Bactiquant has developed a technology that will revolutionize the monitoring of bacterial contamination levels in water and ensure optimum usage and handling of water around the world to the benefit of our customers and sustainability of our planet. To show our commitment to the environment, we have aligned our business with four of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that Bactiquant will be the world leader within mobile and online surveillance of bacterial contamination levels, and we are already well on our way. Headquartered in Denmark and operating across five continents, our customers come from a wide range of industries such as public water utility companies, industries needing water cooling or requiring wastewater treatment, as well as aquaculture.

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