Astralis and HP extends and expands Commercial Partnership


For the third time, Astralis and HP extends their Commercial Partnership and expand the agreement to include both the Counter-Strike and League of Legends teams, the already announced multi-purpose Flagship Store in central Copenhagen as well as other, yet to be announced, locations and facilities.

Not only the players on all teams will benefit from this partnership and OMEN’s uncompromising attitude towards quality. Also, fans and visitors in the new Flag Ship Store facilities will be met by the ultimate OMEN and Astralis experience.

Jakob Lund Kristensen, CRO and co-Founder of Astralis and Astralis Group:

- The fact that we extend the partnership with HP again and expand the agreement significantly is a testimony to the commitment from both sides and of our common view around the massive potential in what we do.

- We highly value HP as a partner and as a supplier of uncompromising high-quality hardware for all our teams and for our coming Flagship Stores. The agreement is extremely valuable by itself, and the addition of our League of Legends team and all facilities strengthens our possibilities as a team owner and as a company.

- The agreement has two pillars, one being the more traditional commercial partnership and exposure and one which include activation and equipment. In the Tivoli Flagship Store alone, we will have +130 gaming stations, VIP rooms and a stage which will all be equipped with the highest standard OMEN computers.

- It will add to the overall gaming experience and bring the fans and visitors close to a high-level professional players’ set-up. It also supports our common vision of providing and facilitating the best possible experience and companionship to gaming enthusiasts no matter their level, age, gender, or anything else. We want to facilitate and to champion the positives of gaming and esports together with everybody, who shares our vision.

Rasmus Fredholm Samsøe, Marketing Manager, HP:

- We are extremely proud to extend and expand the partnership with Astralis Group. Both companies are front runners in their fields, and together we will continue to push the limits and to promote and support the positives of gaming. At HP, we seek to go beyond what is currently possible through innovation and by constantly developing new products and ecosystem in the vast line of OMEN gaming equipment and support systems via OMEN Gaming Hub.

- The OMEN products are all designed to help all gamers to reach their full potential, and we see the same in Astralis. We believe that the true role of gaming in culture is progress and a constant state of change and growth, which fits well with Astralis Performance Model. We look forward to working with Astralis Group around the teams and the new facilities, which will add another level to the gaming experience.

The agreement has been extended by 12 months, which is the standard for all Commercial Partnership contracts at HP. The parties have agreed not to comment on specifics around the financial side of the agreement.




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