Astralis and “gla1ve” in 3-year extension


He has been called “the world’s greatest In-game Leader" and today Astralis can announce that the Counter-Strike mastermind and the esports organization will add at least three years to their long-running relationship.

Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander, In-game Leader:

- I have achieved a great deal with Astralis already and obviously I had a lot of thoughts when we started the talks around a possible extension. What would be the right move, was it time to try something new, or do I see myself in Astralis for many years to come?

- In the end it wasn’t that hard, though. I am Astralis by heart and no matter how I look at it, this is where I feel at home. Astralis is an organization that will always strive to progress, to change the game, and to develop the players – and it is engrained in everyone here that we always compete to win the biggest titles.

- To me it’s all about being in a place I can see myself progress as a player while surrounded by dedicated people with the same ambitions and values. I have had a lot of talks with Kasper Hvidt about the future, how I can develop further as a player and how we develop the team and set-up. There are so many things to achieve and areas to improve even further, and personally I feel confident that Astralis will leave marks on professional Counter-Strike for many years to come.

- At the same, time my girlfriend is expecting our first child later this year and the safety of knowing I will be met with understanding and flexibility when that time comes means a lot to me.

- I feel really good about this extension and I’m excited for the coming years on so many levels. I am sure we will have a lot of occasions to celebrate new titles with all the amazing Astralis-fans, “gla1ve” comments.

Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sport, Astralis:

- When we look at our Counter-Strike team in a historic perspective, Lukas has been instrumental for the way Astralis has developed the game. His thorough preparation and constant attention to details have been key to the team's successes and the way he continue to contributes with new ideas will also be vital for the coming years.

- He is one of the most self-aware players I have worked with and during our talks around the new contract it hit me, how hungry and dedicated he really is. We have come far with the team, but as a team and an organization we still have a lot of unredeemed potential in regards to how we work in- and outside the server. Lukas thinks about Counter-Strike on a completely different level than most others and we will see a lot more of that going forwards.

- With the contract signed, Lukas can focus on his role as In-Game Leader, rest easy about his coming fatherhood and think about the long-term development of the strategy and the team’s playbook. It is a great day indeed, Hvidt concludes.

Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander’s contract with Astralis lasts until Summer, 2024. The Counter-Strike team returns to a new season in the beginning of August.



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