Astralis and Garmin In New, Strategic Partnership


In the strive to champion the positive potential of gaming, Astralis now joins forces with Garmin, the global leader within wearable performance technology, in a strategic, commercial partnership. The partnership includes the promotion of the new Garmin Instinct Esports Edition smartwatch, designed for esports athletes and -enthusiasts, and Astralis has already actively integrated the use of Garmin products in training and performance routines.

Jakob Lund Kristensen, co-Founder and CCO Astralis Group explains:

- We always look for new ways to develop the game and our business. We share the same vision as Garmin when it comes to performance and health, and for quite some time, we have discussed how both parties could take advantage of Garmin’s expertise within performance technology, and our constant strive to progress and elevate the game.

- Entering a long-term commercial partnership across all our teams is a strong commitment from both sides. We look forward to this partnership, and we are going to be very active around promotion and marketing in the Nordic region.

- We see a massive potential as the co-operation will be fully unfolded over the coming months and years.

New gamer's wearable

David Ekander, Nordic Marketing Director, Garmin:

- We have been looking into the gaming and esports market for a while, as we see a great potential to integrate the use of wearable performance tech in the strive to optimise performance and health for gamers and esports athletes.

- Athletes all over the world use Garmin products to track and improve their performance. With the launch of our newest innovation Instinct Esports Edition, esports athletes can use the new feature to track and examine how their body responds to intense competition.

- It is our hope that presenting the many benefits of using our products to an audience, who might not have considered wearable performance technology a natural part of their lifestyle, can actually help not only the individual but also esports and gaming in general. In this respect, working with a brand and organization as Astralis is a good match to us. We share the approach towards health and performance and Astralis Group is one of the most visionary brands in esports.

- We have great expectations to this partnership and look forward to showing together how players can use our products to improve their game.

The Instinct® Esports Edition has today been launched across the Nordics.





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