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World First: Experience the world through the eyes of a factory farmed chicken with Animal Equality's latest iAnimal VR 360 film featuring Amanda Abbington

iAnimal leaves viewers speechless and is changing animal activism forever

For the first time viewers can experience the world through the eyes of a factory farmed chicken with the latest edition of Animal Equality's award-winning virtual reality series iAnimal narrated by actress Amanda Abbington

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - December 05, 2016) - International animal advocacy organisation Animal Equality released its latest "iAnimal" ( experience today, narrated by Amanda Abbington, star of Sherlock and Mr Selfridge.

iAnimal uses cutting-edge virtual reality technology to give viewers an immersive look at the lifecycle of factory farmed animals from birth to death. This latest project features brand new footage filmed by 13 investigators in six countries including the UK.

"This is so horrible, it's just awful. How can you treat any living thing with such a lack of respect and disregard? People need to be aware, and they're not." said Amanda Abbington, who was moved to tears after experiencing iAnimal.

She added: "You should watch this before you eat meat, because I don't think you would eat it."

Toni Shephard, Animal Equality's UK Director, said: "Experiencing iAnimal is just as haunting and life-changing as visiting any of the dozens of factory farms and slaughterhouses I have investigated in the UK."

She added: "Animal Equality's iAnimal 360 VR is the closest you can get to experiencing how animals raised for food are treated on factory farms and in slaughterhouses worldwide. If you care about animals or where your food comes, you'll want to see this."

Notes to Editors:

The experience, best viewed through Samsung Gear VR goggles, offers fully immersive, 360-degree viewing. Google Cardboard can also be used for a similar viewing experience. For those watching on a flat screen, the films will also be available for download from the iAnimal website and YouTube.

About Animal Equality

Animal Equality is an animal protection organisation that works towards a world without animal suffering. Animal Equality is a voice for farmed animals all over the world inspiring society, companies and policy makers to adopt compassionate changes for animals. The organisation is currently active in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and India.

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