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Akyumen Partners With DuKlaw Ventures for Growth

Akyumen Expands Market Distribution With DuKlaw Ventures Resources

LOS GATOS, CA --(Marketwired - March 14, 2016) - Akyumen Technologies Corp. (Akyumen), the Los Gatos, California based mobile device company is expanding its partnership with DuKlaw Ventures with the launch of its latest version of the Falcon and Hawk mobile devices and distribution in the European market. Akyumen is one of the companies that DuKlaw Ventures helps to systematically grow by providing technology licensing and other growth resources.

Building on Akyumen's 2015 success in technology advancements, the company anticipates a very successful sales year beginning Fall 2016, from the launch of its latest Falcon and Hawk models. Akyumen's mobile device platform offers a robust set of applications and content services that exceeded a combined 12 million download threshold according to the company.

"DuKlaw Ventures is helping our growth by providing valuable resources that differentiate our products and services. Additionally, DuKlaw Ventures is partnering with us to bring more trade partners and distribution opportunities via its ecosystem of associated resources and Fortune 500 customers," stated Aasim Saied, Founder and CEO of Akyumen.

DuKlaw Ventures provides Akyumen with cyber security technology licensing and business development services via its extensive network of associated resources that are focused on helping companies grow.

When asked to comment on the Akyumen product and service offerings, DuKlaw Ventures Principal, Duncan Brown stated, "Akyumen is the kind of innovation partner that DuKlaw Ventures can really help grow. Their products and services are unique and provide value as platforms for mobile-based applications in smart education and personal cyber security. We anticipate sustainable growth from the Akyumen niche market opportunities world-wide and now in the European markets."

Increasing its European momentum from its successful showing at Mobile World Congress in February 2016, Akyumen will be exhibiting at CeBIT in Hanover March 14th through 19th .  

Akyumen Technologies Corp (Akyumen)

Akyumen is a privately held US company and operates globally. Akyumen designs, develops, manufactures and delivers innovative electronic and mobile technology products to consumers worldwide. The company values the social responsibility of providing open access to tools and information to enhance the human experience globally.  

DuKlaw Ventures

DuKlaw Ventures is an innovation growth firm based in Switzerland and operating globally with strong ties in Silicon Valley and London. DuKlaw Ventures combines its associated mission critical company building resources with thought leadership in a unique approach that helps innovation companies achieve growth with reduced risk and improved market rewards.

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