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Aker Wade to Collaborate with Powergen on Custom Industrial Fast Chargers for European Market

THE HAGUE, Netherlands, 2016-05-26 18:25 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Due to the growth of its European business, Aker Wade Power Technologies LLC has entered into a contractual alliance with Powergen SRL to promote an industrial battery charger for material handling customers throughout Europe.

In the initial stage, Powergen will introduce Aker Wade’s modern fast-charging system throughout its dealer network. In the second stage, the alliance will pair the Aker Wade smart controllers with Powergen charger hardware to produce high-quality fast chargers specifically for customers in Europe. Made-in-Europe chargers will allow Aker Wade and Powergen to better serve their customers through shortened lead times, local service and competitive pricing.

“The second stage of our collaboration enables us to better serve our customers in Europe by providing our advanced controls and monitoring to Powergen. Powergen will use its hardware to produce the chargers efficiently and with a lower price point than if we were to manufacture them in the US,” says Bret Aker, Managing Director, Aker Wade.

“This alliance helps us serve a growing segment of customers in Europe who no longer wish to purchase and maintain multiple batteries for each lift truck they operate,” says Antonio Borri, Managing Director, Powergen.

With fast chargers, customers can charge their battery-operated forklifts quickly, while the operator is on break. Advanced controls on the charger communicate with the battery to manage temperature and current, and automatically stop the charging process once the charge is at an optimum level. This provides power for forklifts to work throughout the day, while optimizing the health of the battery for long life.

“Our customers in Europe can confidently move away from multiple batteries, battery storage rooms and the heavy labor demands that go with changing batteries,” says Aker. “With these new fast chargers, they need just one battery for each lift truck.”

Aker Wade and Powergen are able to deliver and service the existing line of fast chargers immediately. The new fast chargers will be available through Powergen. For more information, go

Aker Wade Power Technologiesdesigns and manufactures advanced fast charging systems for industrial forklifts. Founded in 2000, Aker Wade is the market-leading provider of fast charging technology for Fortune 1000 companies servicing markets in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Aker Wade is collaborating with battery companies and infrastructure suppliers to deliver advanced DC Fast Charging solutions for the future generation of battery electric lift trucks.For additional information, please

Powergenis based in Italy and manufactures, distributes, sells and services multiple lines of fast and high-frequency industrial battery chargers and charger parts for the manufacturing and material handling industries in Europe. Powergen is a family-owned company, founded on the work of Mr. Ernesto Borri, industrialist, who first patented equipment for a temperature-controlled electric heater. For more information, please

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