Kevin Kelly and Adxmi, the Global Advertising Platform From China, Explore Future Trends in Mobile Marketing

GUANGZHOU, CHINA --(Marketwired - April 17, 2016) - On March 30th, the "2016 IEBE ( Guangzhou ) International Electronic Commerce Exhibition" opened in Guangzhou. The IEBE Power Expo is China's largest professional e-commerce exhibition. With "Connecting the future is inevitably wonderful" as the theme, the 2016 IEBE attracted over 600 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors. Kevin Kelly, as the founding editor in chief of The Wired magazine, writer of Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems and the Economic World  and known as "The Godfather of Silcon Valley", he gave a wonderful speech (recording link included at the end of the text) and exchanged in-depth dialogues with Chen Di, founder of Youmi Technology on the topic of technology and its future.

In the evening the conference also held the party 2016 "IEBE E-Commerce Night" & IEBE Awards ceremony. Adxmi, the overseas advertising platform of Youmi Technology stood out from hundreds of participating companies and gained the "2015 Annual Valuable Cross-border Electricity Supplier Service" award.

Mobile marketing may become a milestone in the development of the internet.

Today, China's mobile marketing industry is under rapid development and Kevin Kelly believes that it has great potential. In accordance with this development trend, mobile marketing may become the next major milestone in the development of the internet, and the future of mobile marketing will also be drastically different.

Kevin Kelly is not without proof. According to data provided by Enfodesk Analysys think tank, following the 2013-2014 market launch and with the advertiser's increased acceptance of mobile marketing, the mobile marketing industry's revenue will also increase. It is predicted that by 2017, the market scale will reach 188.19 billion yuan.

2010 was referred to as the first year of mobile internet. Looking back six years ago, mobile application developers had developed many products but lacked a way to monetize the traffic . At that time, Chen was still in college. With his first team and the idea of "let content providers being rich", he overcame many difficulties and found Youmi (which means 'people have foods and money' in Chinese), and established China's first mobile advertising platform -- Youmi Ads. Today, Youmi has became a global leading integrated mobile internet business, and have expanded across multiple channels including Youmi Ads, Adxmi the platform for oversea developer cooperation, Mihui the social media advertising platform, and gaming platforms such as Ouwan and Boltfish.

Creating value through app traffic

 Kevin Kelly believes that the Internet is growing at an irreversibly rapid pace. Most of the current internet business models are focused on app traffic, so we need to carry out data mining to collect, select and amplify the data.

In this regard, Chen agrees that "app traffic" is the core of the current mobile marketing industry. In 2015, Youmi officially established Adxmi as an overseas advertising platform. Beside app traffic, Adxmi has also developed various types of high-quality traffic such as global social, searching, video and so on. On the basis of Youmi's six-year's experience in the Chinese mobile marketing industry, Adxmi has helped developers to achieve precise advertisements and increased app traffic worldwide. In addition to mobile advertising, Youmi also has interests in games, electricity providers, finance, education, O2O, ultimately forming an ecological traffic network.

Adxmi: Needs to cover the China market in order to truly globalize

By December 2015, China's mobile internet intelligent terminals reached 899 million active devices, making the Chinese market a global internet business battleground. Adxmi is Youmi Technology's global mobile advertising platform. On the basis of Youmi's six-year's accumulated experience and resources in the Chinese mobile advertising market, Adxmi's business covers 84% of China's mobile internet users, providing diversified marketing models such as adnetwor, DSP, DMP, ASO and so on, which provides a full range of marketing programs and resources for companies preparing to enter the Chinese market. On the other hand, Adxmi has also developed a variety of highly competitive mobile advertising products to help businesses to expand to a global scale. From pre-marketing globalization to promoting high-quality traffic, list optimization, user acquisition and final monetization, Adxmi provides services for the Chinese and global market in every aspect.



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