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ABP Publishing, an International Audiobook Publishing House, Increased Sales 50% in the European Market

ABP Publishing shows itself to be a fast-growing multilingual platform with a large catalog of audio bestsellers , which is regularly updated even in a lockdown situation. The company has achieved significant success in the German, French and Italian audiobook markets and strengthen positions in the field of useful audio reading.

ABP Publishing has begun to explore a new market and release world book masterpieces for the Japanese audience . As for other countries, the company pays particular attention to the edition of books for listeners from Germany, Switzerland and Austria and sounds books in their original language. So, books about family, parenting and relationships by the German authors Katharina Saalfrank («Kindheit ohne Strafen») and Susanne Mierau («Mutter sein») are now available in audio format. Besides, ABP Publishing is preparing to release an audiobook-biography of the famous German actor «Jan Fedder Unsterblich: Die autorisierte Biografie» .

In addition to the sales report, the company remains true to its mission: publishing useful and wise books to unleash the potential of thousands of people all around the world . Listening to the needs of the audience, the company carefully selects books in the catalog and publishes really worthwhile audiobooks and authors — the world expert in the field of psychology of success Brian Tracy, the American businessman, investor, and writer Robert Kiyosaki , the Canadian journalist, author, and public speaker Malcolm Gladwell , the American author, coach, motivational speaker Tony Robbins and others.

ABP Publishing continues to achieve its goal , popularize the culture of audio reading and make a significant contribution to the release of audio masterpieces on the international market .

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