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3G Licensing S.A. Launches 3G Licensing Program

3G Licensing S.A. announced today’s launch of a licensing program for patents essential to the 3G standard and related 3G specifications.

The Patents licensed by 3G cover technologies used in a wide range of mobile communication devices and services (“3G technology” or “3G”). In particular, the 3G patents have been deemed essential to UMTS, the third generation mobile communication technology standard, as well as the WCDMA, ARIB STD-T63, TD-SCDMA, FOMA, HSPA, HSPA+, HSUPA and HSDPA Standards being derivative standards thereof.

3G Licensing S.A. is committed to offering access to such core technologies under FRAND terms for the benefit of all.

“Communication has become one of the defining traits of our society, noted Thomas Hartmann, Director of 3G Licensing S.A., it has been a long road from the first wireless transmission of information was performed to 3G connectivity which, more than anything else, is a synonym of modern communication, mobile internet and quick access to data. Such significant achievements are only possible thanks to the ingenuity and efforts of bright inventors that deserve appropriate compensation to sustain innovation. 3G Licensing is proud to be part of and help foster this virtuos cycle”.

Information about the terms and conditions of 3G Licensing S.A. licenses under these patents, including royalty rates and the types of products covered, is available at or from 3G Licensing S.A. upon request by companies currently requiring a license.

You may contact 3G Licensing S.A. at the following e-mail address:

About 3G Licensing S.A.

3G Licensing S.A., founded in 2015, is an Intellectual Property company operating in the consumer electronics and telecommunications industry. The company’s main activity is to manage, administer, develop and implement the 3G Licensing program into the market.

The team is composed of specialists with an extensive experience in administering licensing programs on behalf of third-party companies and organizations.

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