200 Days to the 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE)


Preparations are in full swing for the fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE), the world’s largest import expo, which is just 200 days away from April 18.

Thousands of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of buyers from across the globe have descended on Shanghai in the past three years to reap the benefits offered by the expo. With its growing exhibition space and influence, the CIIE is becoming a must-attend event for international businesses every November.

Here's why you cannot afford to miss out on the truly unique opportunities provided by the CIIE.

Firstly, it’s large in scale and covers extensive industries. The CIIE has grown in scale and influence each year. In 2020, the expo covered 360,000 square meters -- equivalent to the size of almost 70 standard football fields.

The global trade fair caters to a complete range of industries, including food and agricultural products, automobiles, intelligent and information technology, consumer goods, medical devices, healthcare products and trade in services.

Secondly, it features high-quality participants and exhibits. Thousands of exhibitors, including Global Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders, attended the expo every year. The event has become a must for influential industry leaders, such as the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world and the world's leading carmakers. No other event in the world provides a better stage with such scale and influence for Asian and global product debuts. In the past three editions, more than 1,300 products and services have made their global or Chinese debuts at the expo.

Thirdly, enterprises can meet purchasers, ink transactions, enter the Chinese market and land projects. Some 1.3 million buyers have attended the first three editions. Each year, participating organizations ink billions of dollars in deals at the CIIE, and the numbers continue to grow with each event. Over the past three years, over $200 billion in deals have been signed.

Following these deals, a total of 319 projects from the first two expos, backed by foreign investment worth $15 billion, have been initiated and successfully launched in China.

Fourthly, it is a gateway to China and a highway to success. CIIE provides an ideal gateway for understanding and tapping into the wealth of the Chinese market, with its 1.4 billion consumers. CIIE is also an excellent opportunity for companies to meet partners for business synergies across the value chain, both upstream and downstream.

Fifthly, it offers one-stop services so business can run smoothly. The CIIE provides extra benefits for companies entering China by offering special services that make doing business with Chinese partners as smooth as possible. The benefits cover consultancy, customs clearance, business registration, matchmaking and more. At CIIE, participants can also promote their brands and gain media exposure, with global media outlets attending each year to report on the latest trends, products and innovations being shown at the fair. In the first three editions, more than 10,000 journalists covered the expo. With its own intellectual property protection service team, the CIIE ensures every participant’s IP is well-protected.

The fourth CIIE will be held in Shanghai from Nov 5 to 10, why not seize the opportunity to get in on the bullish Chinese market in the Year of Ox?

Companies interested in attending the fourth edition can register here:

You can also contact:

We look forward to seeing you at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) in 200 days.


Contact: Nie Qingxin
Tel.: 0086-21-67008870/67008988


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