Josip Heit: The Visionary Behind Innovative Business Ideas, an Interview with THE HONGKONG TELEGRAPH

Josip Heit: The visionary behind innovative business ideas, an interview with "THE HONGKONG TELEGRAPH"

HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / May 28, 2024 / Josip Heit's innovative approach and entrepreneurial vision have earned him a firm place among today's leading businessmen. Croatian-born Heit, who continued his career in the business world in Germany with a clear goal in mind and for whom success can only be achieved through innovation and hard work, has characterized his entrepreneurial path with a clear vision from the very beginning.

This vision drove him to break new ground and take risks, which ultimately proved to be extremely successful.

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One of Josip Heit's outstanding projects is in the field of AI-driven technology, with the aim of revolutionizing traditional systems by providing access to digital services through innovative products and services.

In this context, "THE HONGKONG TELEGRAPH" was able to conduct an interview with Josip Heit on the birthday of the fax, as the first patent for a "copy telegraph" was granted on 27 May 1843. You don't need to be a math genius to work out that this means the fax celebrates its 180th birthday today, on 27 May 2024.

"THE HONG KONG TELEGRAPH": Mr. Heit, there are certain noises you never forget. For example, the bumpy rubbing of a piece of chalk that you draw along the blackboard with trembling hands to give the teacher at least the beginnings of a plausible geometric figure. But also the reassuring purr of the fax machine, which at some point in the 1990s began to stutter out sheets of paper with algebraic formulae and solutions that more talented classmates had found for homework. This saving machine was a late addition to the family's equipment - we had long been familiar with the gurgling of the dishwasher, the whirring of the television at every frequency and the ringing of the telephone anyway. Can you still remember your first fax?

Josip Heit: "Yes, I can because those were still the days when we were walking around with so-called "small body-bound systems for the reproduction of audio events". This thing made a career for itself in the 1980s under Sony's brand name "Walkman", and I also remember buying the first fax machine for business use and how easy it made it to send contracts at short notice."

"THE HONGKONG TELEGRAPH": Mr. Heit, you are not only regarded as a financial expert, you have also taken up the cause of artificial intelligence (AI). What is it all about?

Josip Heit: " Artificial intelligence enables a wide range of applications , one attempt to define "intelligence" is that it is the property that enables a being to act appropriately and proactively in its environment; this includes the ability to perceive environmental data, to have sensory impressions and react to them, to absorb information, process it and store it as knowledge, to understand and generate language, to solve problems and achieve goals. With my media group, which currently comprises 45 daily newspapers on all continents, I pay particular attention to technical innovation, sustainability and social responsibility."

"THE HONG KONG TELEGRAPH": What projects are currently in your so-called pipeline?

Josip Heit: "I am convinced that economic success and social commitment should go hand in hand. In this context, I support numerous projects aimed at ecological sustainability and social justice. One example of this is our commitment to renewable energies. Through investments within our media group, we actively contribute to reducing the global carbon footprint. I also support educational initiatives that aim to give young people around the world access to high-quality education and provide them with the tools they need for a successful future."

"THE HONG KONG TELEGRAPH": Mr. Heit, people hear about you that your management philosophy is based on trust and transparency. What do you mean by this?

Josip Heit: "Quite simply, despite business success, you have to remain down-to-earth and approachable. This applies primarily to human interaction with employees, who need to be listened to because many of my decisions are based on the sound judgement of my employees. I believe that a strong team and open communication form the basis for sustainable success. These principles must be implemented consistently in all undertakings, which is then reflected in the satisfaction of all our employees and the loyalty of our business partners. Economic success and social commitment are always compatible and an inspiring example of how hard work, innovative spirit and integrity can achieve great goals.

You will see this when, at the end of 2024, we publish news and information around the clock, seven days a week, with 50 daily newspapers on all continents in ten languages that people can read without having to pay for it."

"THE HONGKONG TELEGRAPH": Thank you very much, Mr. Heit, for the interview.

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