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Owl Labs Launches Meeting Owl® 4+ Camera and AI-Powered Software to Create the First Standalone 360-Degree, Wirelessly Connected Device System for Hybrid Work

Owl Labs, the first company to build AI-powered, 360-degree video conferencing solutions, today launched its next-generation flagship product, the Meeting Owl 4+. It is Owl Labs’ newest all-in-one, 360-degree camera, speaker, and mic device with 4K Ultra HD video for crystal clear video that’s sharper than ever. The new Meeting Owl is powered by the latest Owl Intelligence System (OIS) Software which now allows for wirelessly pairing more devices, so organisations can customise their spaces to meet their evolving needs.

Over 200,000 organisations across nearly 50 countries, from small businesses to 89 companies on the Fortune 100 list to educational institutions, have used Owl Labs products to power millions of hybrid experiences. Owl devices use robotics and proprietary, patented AI-powered software to automatically switch between cameras to capture the best view of in-room attendees, enabling natural, face-to-face conversations that transcend physical distance. With the introduction of the Meeting Owl 4+, Owl Labs now offers enhanced capabilities to more audiences, from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to larger enterprises. In addition to pairing with more devices to cover larger spaces, the Meeting Owl 4+ has several other enterprise-friendly features, including easier fleet management for IT teams and customisable lighting and sound options upon startup.

With the latest AI-powered OIS software, the Meeting Owl 4+ pairs with Owl Labs’ customisable connected device system to capture all angles of the discussion. Owl Labs products can connect with others in over 25 different setup configurations, with both centre-of-room and front-and-centre options. For example, a company can wirelessly connect two Meeting Owls for greater coverage, or a Meeting Owl and an Owl BarTM to ensure all angles are covered, creating a full-room solution. The software is developed in the U.S. by an experienced team of engineers who are continually iterating to make Owl products smarter over time. All software adheres to industry-standard security protocols and Owl devices connect via a private, dedicated wireless network.

This launch is the latest advancement in Owl Labs’ mission to make hybrid meetings more inclusive and collaborative by leveling the playing field between remote and in-room participants. Hundreds of thousands of workplaces have moved beyond traditional conference room setups with equipment permanently mounted to walls and transitioned to user-friendly, plug-and-play Owl products with the flexibility, portability, and affordability that modern distributed offices need. Any type of meeting, in any size room, is covered with Owl Labs’ tailored technology, from sit-down roundtables to stand-up presentations to brainstorms on whiteboards. As companies grow, their video conferencing infrastructure adapts and expands with them. However, a vast market opportunity remains as Owl Labs’ State of Hybrid Work report found only 37% of employers upgraded their video meeting technology in the past year.

“Non-verbal communication is crucial in the workplace for collaboration and rapport, and studies have even shown that non-verbal communication is at least as important as verbal discussion, if not more,” said Frank Weishaupt, CEO of Owl Labs. “As the hybrid workplace has evolved beyond meetings where everyone is in the same room, we need to do away with outdated video technology that doesn't allow remote attendees to clearly see and hear during meetings. Meanwhile, today’s enterprise businesses are evolving their offices and processes faster than ever to keep up with the pace of economic and AI-driven transformation. At Owl Labs, we’re building easy-to-use meeting technology that’s as nimble as they are, from small businesses to the largest enterprises.”

The flexible, plug-and-play Meeting Owl 4+ is enterprise-ready and takes less than six minutes to set up. Features include:

  • Upgraded video quality: The 64-megapixel camera and sensor streams 4K Ultra HD video within a 10-foot radius.
  • Wide-range audio: Powerful, 360-degree speakers and smart mics have an 18-foot pickup radius. Extend the audio range even farther with the new matching, charcoal Expansion Mic.
  • Easy enterprise fleet management: IT administrators can seamlessly manage their fleet of Owl Labs devices from The Nest management tool, including bulk registration, default settings, and more.

The upgraded OIS software includes:

  • Silent Switching: When devices are paired, the technology detects where people are facing even when they’re not speaking, then seamlessly switches to the correct camera with the best view.
  • Quick and easy setup: Pair devices quickly, effortlessly and efficiently.
  • Platform-agnostic: Compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, and other video conferencing platforms.
  • Improved Front + Centre Experience: Front + Centre experience upgrades introduce more accurate intelligent camera switching whether a participant is actively speaking or silently contributing to ensure the best angle is captured at all times.

The new Meeting Owl 4+ is launching in the United States, Canada and Europe. Customers in the UK can now purchase it for £1,999 / €2,199 (including VAT) through, Amazon, or third-party resellers and distribution partners. Find your local reseller or contact

To see video of the Meeting Owl 4+ in action, purchase other Owl Labs products or ensure your devices have the latest OIS software, visit

About Owl Labs:

Owl Labs is the first company to build AI-powered, 360-degree video conferencing solutions for hybrid organisations. Its connected device system and Owl Intelligence System™ software make meetings more inclusive and collaborative by leveling the playing field between remote and in-room participants. The Meeting Owl® 4+ is the latest generation of the first WiFi-enabled, 360-degree camera, microphone and speaker that automatically zooms in on whoever’s speaking. Owl Labs has raised £36.8 million in funding and is based in Boston, with remote and hybrid employees all over the world. To learn more and explore the company’s research on the State of Hybrid Work, visit

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