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KAYTUS Introduces the New K24V2 Multi-Node Server, Featuring Support for 8 High-Performance Processors in a 2U Form Factor

KAYTUS, a leading IT infrastructure provider, has unveiled its latest upgrade, the K24V2 multi-node server, at ISC High Performance 2024. This server supports four dual-socket nodes within a compact 2U form factor, featuring a total of eight cutting-edge Intel/AMD processors. The K24V2 incorporates advanced cooling technologies optimized for extreme computing density, offering both cold plate liquid cooling and air cooling configurations. Notably, the liquid-cooling K24V2 cools components that account for more than 80% of the total power consumption, while the air-cooled variant supports CPU cooling with a TDP of up to 400W. With its emphasis on high performance, energy efficiency, and exceptional reliability, the K24V2 is tailored for demanding tasks such as modeling, simulation, and other performance-intensive applications.

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K24V2 Multi-Node Server (Photo: Business Wire)

Achieving Four Times Computing Density and Higher Performance

The K24V2 server enables support for four dual-socket nodes within a 2U form factor, allowing for independent operations between nodes. Each node is compatible with two 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors or the latest 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ processors. It supports memory configurations up to 5600MT/s, and each node can accommodate various networking extensions such as InfiniBand, Omni-Path Architecture, and RoCE, meeting the networking requirements for HPC clusters.

Leading Cooling Solutions for Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

The liquid-cooled configuration of the K24V2 incorporates an integrated cold plate design that covers key components including the CPU, memory, and VR (Voltage Regulator). Components accounting for more than 80% of total power consumption are liquid cooled, offering efficient cooling while balancing investment control and power usage for heat dissipation. The cold plate supports various liquid-cooling connectors like SCG 03 and DAG 03, ensuring compatibility with different liquid-cooling cabinets used in data centers. The K24V2 is capable of supporting high-temperature inlet cooling liquids of up to 45°C, with the primary loop capable of drawing intake from a natural draft cooling tower. Furthermore, engineered to operate efficiently at an industry-leading ambient temperature of 45°C, this system significantly reduces energy consumption in data center operations.

The air-cooled version of the K24V2 maximizes heat dissipation performance through a high air intake design and a customized heat sink. This variant supports high-density deployments with CPUs of up to 400W TDP, delivering ultra-high performance and dense computing power tailored for air-cooled data centers.

Ensuring Security and Reliability, Streamlining Operations and Maintenance

Aside from delivering industry-leading performance per watt, the K24V2 is highly secure and reliable. The four nodes share titanium power supply units (PSUs), and the entire system supports N+N or 3+1 redundancy configurations. The liquid-cooled version features an integrated cold plate design and undergoes rigorous inspection processes before leaving the factory, including a nitrogen pressure test to effectively prevent leaks. Notably, the liquid-cooled version can identify leaking nodes in real-time, automatically cutting off node power to ensure the safety of equipment and data assets.

The K24V2 enhances user experience by offering convenient operation and maintenance features. The four nodes support hot-swappable maintenance and feature a "button"-style node switching on the front panel. This simplifies the connection of maintenance equipment for unified operations and maintenance, reduces work in the backend hot air duct, and improves overall user-friendliness.

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