Spirii and GP JOULE CONNECT Forge New Partnership in Germany


Spirii, a leading provider of charging platform solutions, is expanding its presence in Germany through a new collaboration with the German charge point operator, GP JOULE CONNECT. This partnership will provide GP JOULE CONNECT with solutions to scale its charging business, access innovative energy management systems, and introduce a new user-friendly charging app.

Jörg Blumenberg, Managing Director at GP Joule Connect on the left, and Tore Harritshøj, CEO and co-founder of Spirii, on the right. PR
Jörg Blumenberg, Managing Director at GP Joule Connect on the left, and Tore Harritshøj, CEO and co-founder of Spirii, on the right. PR PR

According to CEO Jörg Blumenberg, GP JOULE CONNECT has chosen Spirii as a new platform partner to consolidate their existing charging infrastructure on Spirii's charging platform and expand with new, innovative products and services.

"We have decided to partner with Spirii to augment our expertise in planning and implementing charging solutions with Spirii's proficiency in charging platforms," says Blumenberg. "Through this partnership, we can now offer advanced energy management systems, including dynamic load balancing, a unified platform for managing charging stations, and a user-friendly charging app. This enables us to provide our customers with exciting new business opportunities, perfectly aligned with our motto, 'Supercharging Your Business'."

GP JOULE CONNECT manages several thousand charging stations, which will now transition to Spirii’s platform.

Spirii's CEO, Tore Harritshøj, is very excited about the partnership, which allows GP JOULE CONNECT to offer its clients enhanced opportunities to scale their charging business and create new revenue streams.

"We are very proud to partner with GP JOULE CONNECT, who has proven to be a visionary force in the development of charging infrastructure. Together, we have crafted a forward-looking setup that also empowers GP JOULE CONNECT's customers to transform their charging stations into a lucrative venture," says Tore Harritshøj. "For example, GP JOULE CONNECT serves numerous fleet clients who only utilize their charging stations at specific times during the day. Thus, it is beneficial for them to make these stations available to the public when they are not in use. Through our platform, they can manage when, and at what price the stations should be available to others."

Furthermore, Spirii's open API and white-label solutions will enable GP JOULE CONNECT to easily integrate data into their existing systems. This enables them to offer their clients customized charging solutions, effectively enhancing the efficiency of managing charging stations in both public and private contexts. 




Charger from GP Joule Connect
Charger from GP Joule Connect

About Spirii:

Founded in 2019 in Copenhagen, Spirii is present in 18 markets and boasts offices in Copenhagen, Barcelona, Hamburg, Nice, and London. With a team of 110 dedicated professionals driving the future of electric mobility forward, Spirii offers a market-leading charge point management system and customized charging solutions for companies, fleets and charge point operators.

Spirii also offers a charging app for EV drivers to access a public roaming network across Europe. With an extensive partner network spanning two continents and more than 400,000 charge points through roaming agreements, Spirii serves a diverse clientele across various sectors, including logistics, fleet, real estate, retail, and energy and utility companies.

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