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Antech’s breakthrough cancer screening tool launches in Europe, supporting early canine cancer detection

Antech, the veterinary diagnostics company focused on partnering with veterinary professionals to predict, diagnose, and monitor wellness and disease, today announced the launch of the breakthrough in-hospital Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test in Europe. A rapid, accurate, targeted cancer screening tool for high-risk breeds and older dogs, Nu.Q® testing also includes prevalent types of canine cancers, enabling veterinarians and pet owners to make informed decisions about cancer care more quickly.

Jimmy Barr, DVM, DACVECC, Chief Medical Officer at Antech, part of Mars Science & Diagnostics said: “It’s exciting to see innovations like Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test become more widely available to veterinary teams in Europe. With cancer affecting one in four dogs1, it is critical that veterinary professionals have access to fast and accurate cancer screening methods, so they can make informed and timely decisions and ultimately change pet health outcomes. This is what our work at Antech is all about.”

Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test is a breakthrough technology that measures circulating nucleosomes, supporting earlier cancer detection in some of the most prevalent types of canine cancers. Nu.Q® testing, run on the Element i+ analyser, is both cost-effective and simple, requiring only 50µL of EDTA plasma from a patient and providing accurate results in 5 to 10 minutes. Studies2 have shown >75% detection rates for common cancers in dogs like lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma when using Nu.Q®. As the only patient-side in-house test that provides rapid and accurate results from EDTA plasma, the Nu.Q® test is an aid to diagnosis that can be run in clinic by veterinary professionals during annual check-ups or regular senior wellness exams.

Dr. Maximiljan W. Krauss, Dipl. ECVS, Tierklink Düsseldorf, used Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test first-hand during the pilot phase and commented: “At our clinic, we see around 1500 cases of cancer in dogs a year. Lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma are the most common type of cancer we see affecting dogs as young as five years old. Thanks to Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test and the Element i+ in-house analyzer, we have a fast and accurate means to screen for cancer, which helps us intervene early and choose the best possible care pathway for every patient. At the end of the day, early interventions can make a real difference to a dog’s quality of life and the time they have to spend with their family.”

Nu.Q® is a registered trademark of VolitionRx Limited and its subsidiaries. The Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test is supplied under license by Belgian Volition SRL.

Nu.Q® will be available in the UK as part of the European launch. For orders and more information about the product, please contact Antech UK.

About Mars Science & Diagnostics and Antech

Mars Science & Diagnostics is a division of Mars Petcare, a diverse business dedicated to one purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS™. Science & Diagnostics brings together the power of leading pet health science with expertise across diagnostics, data, and technology to improve outcomes in pet health. Our veterinary diagnostics business, Antech, spans in-house diagnostic laboratory instruments and consumables, including rapid assay diagnostic products and digital cytology services; local and cloud-based data services; practice information management software and related software and support; 90+ reference laboratories around the globe; veterinary imaging and technology; education; and board-certified specialist support services. Our at-home diagnostics offering includes Wisdom Panel™ DNA test products, the world’s most accurate pet DNA test. For 60 years, our Waltham Petcare Science Institute has been advancing science to better understand pet health.


2 Wilson-Robles, H.M., Bygott, T., Kelly, T.K. et al. Evaluation of plasma nucleosome concentrations in dogs with a variety of common cancers and in healthy dogs. BMC Vet Res 18, 329 (2022).

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