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Briefing from the Frontline: Meet the Da Vinci Wolves Battalion Defenders


Together with KOLO Nordic and Frihed for Ukraine, we invite you to a meeting with several soldiers from one of the most remarkable Ukrainian units, the Da Vinci Wolves Battalion, on 23.04.2024, 17:00 at the Ukraine House in Denmark. The battalion is known for their courage and fearless defense of Ukraine during the full-scale invasion, markedly during the Kharkiv counteroffensive. The soldiers that will be visiting are Serhii Filimonov, Alina Mykhailova, Andriy Pysarenko, Olexandr Yabchanka, and Oleksi Makhrynsky.

The defenders will speak about their experiences at the frontline, the transition from civilian life to life in the army they have undergone to protect their homes and loved ones, and update us on the latest news from the battlefield. You will have a unique opportunity to ask them questions that have interested you about the Ukrainian Armed Forces and donate to support the Ukrainian defenders.

The agenda will be as follows:

17:00: Welcome by the Head of the Ukraine House in Denmark, Nataliya Popovych
17:10: KOLO's introduction to their work and support of Ukraine's defenders
17:20: Briefing from the frontline with Anders Puck Nielsen (Military analyst at the Royal Danish Defence College)
17:30: Briefing from the frontline and Q&A session with the Da Vinci Wolves soldiers
18:35: Presentation of Jens Alstrup (Chairman of “Frihed for Ukraine” organisation) about his experiences with Ukraine's defenders
18:45: Audience questions
19:00: Conclusion of the event

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More information about the visiting soldiers:

Serhii Filimonov
Battalion Commander.

Ukrainian public figure and leader of the "Honor" movement. Was an active participant in the Revolution of Dignity. He began his combat path as a volunteer in 2014. Liberated Mariupol, went through Ilovaisk and other hot spots. In 2022, he joined the Wolves, where he headed the assault company "Honor" and held other leadership positions. Before the full-scale invasion, he was actively involved in public activities, in particular, he actively fought against illegal development of parks and police arbitrariness. He organized street protests and organized actions in support of human rights initiatives. He played the lead role in the film "Rhino" by Oleg Sentsov, for which he received several international awards.

Alina Mykhailova
Head of the Battalion Medical Service.

Head of the medical service "Ulfur". At war since 2014, first as a volunteer, and since 2016 as a paramedic. Combines military service with a deputy position in the Kyiv City Council. In 2020, she was included in the top 20 personalities with the greatest influence on Ukrainian youth (14-35 years old) on social media. In 2022, she was placed in the "30 under 30: Faces of the Future" list from Forbes magazine, and in 2023 in the rating of outstanding leaders of our time in the "Defenders" category from Ukrainska Pravda. She is the prototype of the LEGO figure of a Ukrainian woman soldier.

Andriy Pysarenko
Mortar battery commander.

Andriy is a respected lawyer and human rights advocate, having successfully defended prominent activists and protected the interests of Kyiv residents. A participant in both the Orange Revolution and the Revolution of Dignity, Andriy sustained injuries while fighting for Ukraine's democratic ideals. He later served as a volunteer fighter in Donbas in 2015.

When Russia invaded in 2022, he joined the volunteer unit Honór, which became part of the Da Vinci Wolves Battalion. Since then, he has continued to serve with distinction, rising through the ranks to a leadership position in the mortar battery.

Olexandr Yabchanka
Ground robotic systems company commander.

Olexandr was a pediatrician before becoming an activist during the Revolution of Dignity. After the Maidan, he worked to reform Ukraine's healthcare system, becoming an advisor to the minister of healthcare.

When Russia launched its full-scale invasion in 2022, Olexandr answered the call to arms, serving as a combat medic, aerial scout, and infantry platoon commander before being promoted to his current role as the commander of the "Honor" company within the Da Vinci Wolves Battalion. Despite his injuries sustained in battle, Olexandr remains committed to the defense of Ukraine.

In addition to his military service, Olexandr is known for his civic engagement. He has initiated charitable projects, served as reforms advisor, and even registered a record-breaking petition to the president calling for greater government transparency.

Oleksi Makhrynsky
Combat-training deputy battalion commander.

Oleksi Makhrynsky is a decorated veteran of the Da Vinci Wolves Battalion, currently serving as the head of the battalion's combat training unit. A dedicated defender of Ukraine, Oleksi answered the call to arms when Russia launched its full-scale invasion. Before 2022 he worked as a construction developer. Oleksi is a European and Ukrainian champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Prior to the war, Oleksi was an active participant in Ukraine's pro-democracy movements, taking part in the Orange Revolution and the Revolution of Dignity as an advocate for his people's fight against corruption and police brutality. Now, he uses his hard-earned combat experience to train the next generation of Ukrainian warriors.

The visit of the Ukrainian defenders was organised by YMCA’s Soldier Mission in Denmark.

Come by the Ukraine House in Denmark on 23.04 to meet those remarkable people!

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